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Monday Mischief – An Act of Rebellion

Don’t let her sweetness and cute face fool you – when push comes to shove, Daisy can rebel like a 16 year old teenager.

But I'm so innocent!

We’re getting ready to have our kitchen redone.

The wallpaper has been stripped.

We’re in the process of selecting a cabinet maker (an exhausting task). And then a granite fabricator.

Then DH will paint the walls (I have no clue what color to choose) and tile the backsplash (again, a big blank so far). This is a full-blown p-r-o-j-e-c-t that will take many months of Saturdays.

We got the first estimate a few weeks ago. The company rep came out to the house to measure and give his pitch. Which was laughable, by the way – he’s coming in over $7,000 ABOVE everyone else for lesser-grade materials. :<O

He was here for FOUR HOURS. Daisy absolutely refused to behave, so we had to put her in our bedroom and close the door. I don’t like doing that, but we had no choice. At least it’s a big room and we put all her toys, blankets, and water in there.

After some initial complaints, she finally realized her high-pitched “you-can’t-do-this-to-me” yapping and whining wasn’t getting her anywhere and she quieted down.

So the guy finally left around 5:00 – without, I might add, a signed contract. Nor did he get a call back. But his quote sure is making all the other cabinet makers sound great. And they’re offering us way more for the money.

Anyway, as soon as DH closed the front door behind Mr. Big Bucks, I opened the bedroom door and Daisy tore out, once again underscoring her nickname of The Blur. She sniffed for half an hour – every step the guy had taken, every place he’d stood. It really brought out her Inner Hound.

Everything seemed to go back to normal after that….until….

I walked through the kitchen, through the dining room, down the hall….back up the hall, back through the dining room….and then I saw IT….

Daisy had planted a Poop Bomb right smack in the middle of the doorway between the dining room and kitchen. (I’ll spare you the photo!) She set a trap for me, the little dickens. I think this was her retaliation for being closed in the bedroom for so long.

Oh, so you found my little surprise, did you? Maybe you'll think twice before removing me from all the action!

Next thing you know she’ll be shopping for her clothes at Hot Topic with all the other rebellious teens. 😉

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Photo Opps – Where’s the Camera?!? And Daisy Rebels.

I think the most often-used phrase in our home since we brought Daisy into our family is, “Where’s the camera??”

Ahhh, cuddling with Mommy....this is the life!

Daisy gives us so many photo opps, we’d need to have a camera implanted into our heads so we could snap a shot every time she did something cute or crazy. I’m sure all my fellow dog bloggers feel the same way in their homes!

Daisy used to pose every time she’d see the camera raised. She’d freeze in whatever position she was in and maintain the same expression; she was like a fashion model at a magazine shoot.

BUT (and there’s always a “but” with this little pup!) I guess she got tired of having flash spots in her eyes because now she’s going in the opposite direction. When that red light hits her, she either turns her head away, gets a “not again!” expression on her face, or moves away.

We have to sneak the camera into the room, turn it on while we’re talking to cover up the sound it makes and pretend

Not again with that darned camera!

that nothing has changed and we’re not paying attention to her cuteness at all. Pretty soon, though, she’s going to pick up on the loud “AWWWW” that precedes this little photo charade.

This series of pictures gives you an idea of her new attitude toward pictures. She was snuggling so cutely with DD that I took a few pictures, after which she promptly flipped herself around so she had her back to the camera! LOL Doggy logic at its best!

Enough is enough!


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