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A call for advice – Daisy’s gone reactive!

Ack!! I don’t know what’s suddenly gotten into our little miss, but she’s suddenly become a reactive dog when we take her for walks. And she’s barking at every little thing she hears at home, too.

When we would walk her and we came upon another dog walker, Daisy was always friendly. Now all of a sudden she’s straining at the leash, barking up a storm, and occasionally throwing in a little growl as well. All of this happened within the past two weeks, and we want to stop it right away. Our dog walking neighbors now cross the street when they see us coming, and that has to stop. I don’t even want to take her to PetSmart until we fix this thing – close quarters are no place for a reactive dog.

A lot of the advice I see online asks us to work with a friend who has a dog; well, that’s not possible for us. Only one of my friends has a dog, and her dog is completely antisocial. We can’t even walk our dogs together anymore, he’s gotten so bad. So that’s out.

I’m becoming very confused by all the instructions I’ve found online because some actually contradict others. We need to start something now, before this behavior really takes hold and maybe even escalates.

Can anyone recommend a good website or technique that you know works? We’d really appreciate the help!


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