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The Post Formerly Known As “Rain, Rain Go Away….”

…but I didn’t want to call it that because my blogging buddy Daily Bailey scooped me on the title! LOL! Both of our dogs have the same reaction to rainy days – they get lazy and enjoy a good loll about the house. I guess it’s the Bichon in Daisy, eh Bailey? 😀

Not much outdoor time for Daisy this week. We’ve had rain, rain, and more rain with dark gray cloudy skies and thunder in between. Whatever happened to “April showers bring May flowers”? Seems to me like this year, April showers have just brought more May showers.

So now this:

Has turned into this:

And this:

Has turned into this:

Frankly, I prefer the snow. At least we can take Daisy out to play in it, and it’s so beautiful. (Rain can be beautiful too, but not when it lasts a whole week and floods the yard!)

And then there’s the work involved. When Daisy goes out in the snow, she comes back in and simply gets blow-dried. On rainy days, she has to be bathed – she’s so low to the ground that she comes in with a muddy underside, muddy legs, and muddy paws. Not to mention that wonderful “wet dog smell”…yuck. And I don’t even want to talk about what happens when she inevitably shakes herself off before we can get her into the bath!


Daisy’s First Spring Romp – A Havachon Blur

What weird weather we’re having! Yesterday hit 81 degrees, 10 degrees higher than predicted. It was great to open all


the windows and warm the house without the cost of using the furnace, but still, I’d like to enjoy spring weather without jumping straight into summer…..

Daisy just loved sitting in front of the open sliding glass door, watching the birds flit about, listening to them sing their spring welcome songs, and going into a barking frenzy whenever a squirrel flew by.

When DD got home from work, she took Daisy out for her first romp of the spring. Wow, did she ever enjoy that! It calmed her down for the rest of the evening. What a difference from last year when we first brought her home in May – she was afraid to go outside at all, and when we finally coaxed her out, she’d run 5 steps and stop, trying to eat everything in her path. Back then, the trimmed grass was actually taller than she was!

Watch out, all you birdies, here I come!

DD is planning to do this every evening until temps hit 90+ or it’s raining out. Which it’s supposed to do for the next two days, when the thermometer is supposed to drop back down 30 degrees – see what I mean about weird weather? Not slight fluctuations – MAJOR ones!

After Daisy’s run about the yard yesterday – she had so much fun that she was just a little Havachon blur – she happily panted away indoors, followed by the inevitable post-workout collapse! 🙂

Whew! What a great workout!

Spring romp aftermath! 🙂


The Demonic Branch

Last week we had some pretty severe weather here, with extremely heavy rains, winds and thunderstorms. At one point the sky turned black and the winds ripped through the area; the news said we were under a tornado watch and should take cover immediately. I was home alone with Daisy and pretty scared, especially since my daughter was out there, driving home from work.

Fortunately she got home in the eye of the storm, before the most severe weather hit. The black sky turned an eerie greenish color, and all of a sudden the wind kicked into high gear, sending branches slamming into the house. The rain was so heavy we couldn’t see out, and it was coming down sideways. I held Daisy and prepared to close ourselves into an interior bathroom the second I heard anything that sounded like a freight train overhead.

Fortunately that only lasted a few minutes. The next morning, we surveyed the damage. Branches everywhere, but no broken windows. Shockingly, the potted plants remained intact (none of our tomatoes blew off the vines!) and most amazingly, the bird feeder that hangs from a decorative pole in our yard was still in place! We heard on the news that the winds reached 125 mph because a funnel cloud passed over us; thankfully, the spout never touched down. We saw footage of it, and I’m glad I didn’t know it was there at the time!

Anyway, one of the branches that came down was filled with leaves, and while Daisy can see all the trees with leaves on them, she’s never seen a branch on the ground with leaves on it. It never occurred to me that she would see this differently than the branches on the trees, but this little puppy freaked out and started barking and growling continuously at that branch like the devil himself was outside!

It took a full day for her to accept this branch as non-threatening, and even then, she kept peering at it warily!


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