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Dog-Safe Foods Website

We’re constantly checking online to see whether certain fruits and foods are safe for Daisy. She’s always on Kitchen Patrol just waiting for a morsel to drop.

You do know I’m here on Kitchen Cleanup Patrol, right? Don’t worry about any mess, I’ll take care of it for you.

Hey, don’t forget me! How about a little carrot toss, eh?


Recently we discovered a site called Ask A Vet Question that answers most of our questions in an alphabetical, easy-to-read list.

Not only that, but you can look at answers to tons of other questions submitted by pet owners. Each question also has an identification box with the type of pet, breed, and pet’s age. It can really help when you’re freaking out about something your pet ate or a reaction he/she is having – you’ll be more able to determine whether to run to the emergency vet or if you can calm down and ride out the storm.

It’s such a helpful site, we wanted to pass it along to all our blog buddies! 🙂

Now let’s see, I just licked up what Mom calls “peach juice” – will my tummy start to rumble?


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