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Disappearing Daisy

Sometimes Daisy is a real camera-hound, other times she gets jealous if I’m taking pictures of wildlife outside, and still other times she plays hard-to-get, refusing to look at the camera. She’ll be in the perfect pose that I just HAVE to preserve for all eternity, and as soon as I get in position, zoom in, and put my finger on the button, she deliberately moves. And laughs. I swear she’s laughing.

On this particular day, she decided to play catch-me-if-you-can. Here’s the sequence:

Are you trying to take yet ANOTHER picture of me?

Are you trying to take yet ANOTHER picture of me?

POOF! The ol' Vanishing Puppy routine...

POOF! The ol’ Vanishing Puppy routine…

You're STILL there???

You’re STILL there???

Oh well, half a Daisy face is better than no Daisy face! 😉


Monday Mischief: Turkey Haze

Well I had a post all ready for today’s Monday Mischief – the pictures were edited and the text was saved. Only one more picture needed to be added. I did a search for the title and…..nothing.

I searched through my photos, the recycle bin, unedited photos (just in case a sudden turkey-filled triptophan-induced haze was still muddling my brain), and my camera. Still nothing.

Even Daisy was searching everywhere for the missing pics.

Could they have hidden under the bed, Mommy?

Maybe they went out for a romp in the leaves?

No I’m not playing under here! Those tricky pics could be napping under my blanket!

Of course, just recently I’d gotten efficient and cleared my camera of photos I’d already edited and – supposedly – transferred to my computer. I guess I edited the photos but forgot to transfer them to my computer, so with one simple click – POOF – gone into oblivion. And I can’t reshoot them because it took me quite some time to get the most important photo. ::sigh::

Who’s responsible for this outrage?! I demand answers!

We hope all our fellow US bloggers had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Photo Opps – Where’s the Camera?!? And Daisy Rebels.

I think the most often-used phrase in our home since we brought Daisy into our family is, “Where’s the camera??”

Ahhh, cuddling with Mommy....this is the life!

Daisy gives us so many photo opps, we’d need to have a camera implanted into our heads so we could snap a shot every time she did something cute or crazy. I’m sure all my fellow dog bloggers feel the same way in their homes!

Daisy used to pose every time she’d see the camera raised. She’d freeze in whatever position she was in and maintain the same expression; she was like a fashion model at a magazine shoot.

BUT (and there’s always a “but” with this little pup!) I guess she got tired of having flash spots in her eyes because now she’s going in the opposite direction. When that red light hits her, she either turns her head away, gets a “not again!” expression on her face, or moves away.

We have to sneak the camera into the room, turn it on while we’re talking to cover up the sound it makes and pretend

Not again with that darned camera!

that nothing has changed and we’re not paying attention to her cuteness at all. Pretty soon, though, she’s going to pick up on the loud “AWWWW” that precedes this little photo charade.

This series of pictures gives you an idea of her new attitude toward pictures. She was snuggling so cutely with DD that I took a few pictures, after which she promptly flipped herself around so she had her back to the camera! LOL Doggy logic at its best!

Enough is enough!


LOVIN’ That Camera!


I'm ready for my close-up!

If this dog was human, she’d be a celeb for sure. She just LOVES being the center of attention! Just point a camera at her and – BAM – she freezes like a fashion model on a shoot. “Strike the pose” could be her tag line! And she’ll stay frozen in place until she hears the “click” of the camera, then she continues going about her business.

Only once did she get fed up with all the camera flashes; after several pictures, she grumbled a bit, got a really funny look on her face, and then turned her back to us! We thought this was pretty funny so we went in front of her, pointed the camera, and lo and behold she turned her back again, as if to say, “Enough is enough! I’m sick of all these flashes leaving spots in front of my eyes!”

So we decided to see what would happen if we turned our photographic attention elsewhere – we took a few pictures of some pretty birds at the bird feeder in our yard. She came trotting in, analyzed the situation for a bit, then decided we’d paid enough attention to these outsiders and pulled some of her attention-getting schemes: yapping…when that didn’t work she tried jumping…when that didn’t work she whined…when that didn’t work she got frustrated, grabbed a toy and raced like a lunatic around the family room, doing her short-burst growls the whole time. She was clearly frustrated at the lack of attention she was getting!

When we eventually turned the camera back to her, she went back to posing, having decided that too much attention is better than no attention at all. Whoever says animals are dumb never had many dealings with animals!

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