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This One Takes The Cake

No, Daisy didn’t take cake off the table 😉 …..not this time, anyway!

Do you hate those unwanted telemarketing calls as much as I do? I have our numbers on the Do Not Call registry, but it expired and even though I re-registered us, some calls are slipping through.

What's up with all these phone calls??

But today I got the best one of all. I picked up the phone to be greeted by that annoying silence where you know the auto-dialer has you in a queue. This is because the telemarketer’s time is more important than yours, you see, and his call to you is SO important that they actually expect you to sit on the line waiting to hear his pitch that will just rock your world.

Because we’ve been having some phone difficulties since the storm, including delayed connections, I waited today. I usually don’t. I had picked up a phone with no Caller ID. (Lesson to self: Never pick up a phone without checking Caller ID first….)

So the guy comes on and says, “Hello. Is this the person to whom I am speaking?”

Seriously???!!! Who else would it be – the person to whom you are NOT speaking?? Isn’t that an old joke from the Milton Berle days??

I guess I should be glad that he understood the use of the word “whom”…. 😉


Phone Envy

It’s out-and-out jealousy, really. For the first month she was with us, Daisy became quite jealous of the time and attention we gave the telephone.

While she LOVED chasing after the long telephone cord (yes we still have one land line phone with a cord, which we’ll keep forever after a bad experience when a neighbor and phony friend of ours somehow picked up the frequency of our cordless phone and decided to eavesdrop on us for a YEAR [a friend of hers tattled on her because she was appalled at what this woman was doing; yes, she actually bragged to her friend about this…]. Not a pretty encounter when we found out, I can tell you…I was RIPPING mad) .

Anyway, whenever we’d answer the phone or make a call, Daisy would study us for a few minutes, then start yapping at the top of her shrill puppy voice. It was like she was saying, “Hey! I’m more important than that thing! Pay attention to ME!” We finally broke her of that habit, and now she just walks away quietly, probably still disgusted at the thought that an inanimate object could rate so highly sometimes over her cute little self. 🙂

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