Everyday Adventures in Havachon Heaven

The Good, Crazy, & Adorable Life of One Havachon Puppy

Disappearing Daisy

Sometimes Daisy is a real camera-hound, other times she gets jealous if I’m taking pictures of wildlife outside, and still other times she plays hard-to-get, refusing to look at the camera. She’ll be in the perfect pose that I just HAVE to preserve for all eternity, and as soon as I get in position, zoom in, and put my finger on the button, she deliberately moves. And laughs. I swear she’s laughing.

On this particular day, she decided to play catch-me-if-you-can. Here’s the sequence:

Are you trying to take yet ANOTHER picture of me?

Are you trying to take yet ANOTHER picture of me?

POOF! The ol' Vanishing Puppy routine...

POOF! The ol’ Vanishing Puppy routine…

You're STILL there???

You’re STILL there???

Oh well, half a Daisy face is better than no Daisy face! 😉


Peek-A-Boo Havachon’s Hide and Seek Game

I talked in another post about Daisy’s one-eyed Havachon Sneak Peek, but when I was looking through her pictures recently, I noticed that she’s a Peek-A-Boo Puppy at heart!

She loves being under, behind, or snuggled in something and staying really quiet, then getting all excited when we finally find her. We could swear she’s laughing – “Haha Mommy, I tricked you!” It’s either a game of Peek-A-Boo or Hide and Seek!

The theme for all these photos is peek —– peek —– peek! 🙂



























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