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Christmas Shopping Weekend Coming

You're going to be gone for HOW LONG??

I’m one of those people who usually gets their Christmas shopping done early; no matter what time of year it is, if I find something I know someone will like, I get it for them and hold it for Christmas. By now I should be down to the last few little extras. But this year I’m WAY behind – I haven’t even started yet! And we have our first Christmas outing with friends coming up, I have Christmas lunches and dinners with friends over the next couple weeks – panic time!

Saturday’s the day – I’m going to hit the stores HARD. Unfortunately everyone else will be doing the same thing….

I usually prefer going to PetSmart, but Petco wisely sent out a coupon for 10 percent off an entire purchase, so I’ll be stocking up there. We wanted to get Daisy reindeer antlers for her first Christmas, but I’m pretty sure she won’t keep them on, so we’re opting for a red velvet jingle collar instead. Probably won’t last 5 minutes, but we’ll give it a try! I’ll have to get a picture QUICK lol!!

Our upcoming Christmas outing will be challenging because we’re going to a show with friends, and between the time it takes to get there, the length of the show itself, and getting back home, it’ll be about 5 hours. Daisy doesn’t do well past 4 hours max. Our friends want to go out for dinner afterwards, but we can’t possibly leave Daisy any longer. And there’s a distinct possibility that she’ll mess in her crate, so bringing them back here afterwards would be….less than desirable. (I don’t even like being here when she has a crate accident!) Not only do we have to clean the crate and blanket when this happens, but we have to put her in the bath immediately and give her a massive scrub-down. Not sure what we’ll do with that situation. ::sigh::

I love having a dog again but these occasional restrictions can be difficult. If I had realized the time problem sooner, I’d have booked her into the local Doggy Day Care for those 5 hours, had her groomed at the same time (in preparation for all the new people she’ll meet during the holidays) and picked her up after the show. We’ll just have to take our chances, I guess. 😛

Hopefully next weekend we’ll do our Christmas baking – rum balls are a strongly requested MUST – and get our tree as well. I’m getting tired just thinking about it, but we really have lots of fun.

Let the festivities begin! 🙂

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Thanksgiving Tips: Keep Your Dog Healthy!

We all like to include our dogs in our holiday festivities, but many well-intentioned dog lovers and their equally well-intentioned guests have unintentionally hurt their loyal canine companions by “treating” them to some Thanksgiving goodies. This can result in making dogs sick or causing unhealthy weight gain; and before you say “it’s just one day out of the year”, remember that at least two more “food holidays” are coming up over the next month, not to mention all the pre-holiday parties!

I think I'll stick to my turkey dog food and curl up with a good toy!

DogChannel.com has a wonderful article about keeping dogs safe on Thanksgiving, and besides cautioning dog owners about feeding dogs “people food”, it also covers things like making sure candles are out of your dog’s way and securing trash bins so Spot doesn’t feast on your guests’ castoffs and hurt himself on trashed bones.

It’s a short article, but packed with great information!

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