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Monday Mischief: It’s Daddy This Time!

Hi friends! Daisy here. Mommy refused to tattle on Daddy (in fact I think she agreed with him!), so I’m hijacking the blog again today.

Our kitchen project got put on hold halfway through – the cabinets and countertop were finally finished (after a LOT of problems with the kitchen cabinet company that dragged the job out for WEEKS), but then came Hurricane Sandy that caused that nasty ol’ tree to fall through our roof (which still isn’t fixed, we’re still waiting for the roofers), and so many other things happened at the end of last year that Daddy couldn’t paint the kitchen walls or tile the backsplash on weekends like he’d planned.  (Whew! That was a BIG sentence for a little pup!)

Anyway, now Daddy’s company went through a restructuring, and his division was among many cuts. From the VP all the way down – gone. So Daddy’s between jobs right now for the first time ever. Mommy’s nervous about it, but Daddy’s confident that he’ll find something soon. And me? I’m loving having company every day, even when Mommy goes out!

So Daddy’s using this time between jobs to finish the kitchen. The first thing he did was to paint the walls and trim, and that’s where his mischief came in.

First everything was fine. He introduced me to the new painting thingies that I’ve never seen before.

Hmmmm....well you're a curious little thing, aren't you?

Hmmmm….well you’re a curious little thing, aren’t you?

But when he filled a tray with paint and put it on the tarp-covered floor, he banned me from the room!

HEY! What's this blocking the doorway?! What do you mean I can't come in to supervise???

HEY! What’s this blocking the doorway?! What do you mean I can’t come in to supervise???

Now, Daddy knows I love to walk around on that green tarp, it makes a crunchy, crinkly sound that I just love. But he put those big steps in my way and told me to “stay” – what’s that all about? How will I know if he’s doing the job right??

Finally I gave up and decided to retaliate….um, I mean find some fun elsewhere in the house.

::sigh:: Oh forget it. I'll find some mischief to do in here.

::sigh:: Oh forget it. I’ll find some mischief to do in here.

Mommy says she’ll post a picture when the kitchen is done. She says she’s going to celebrate when this project is finally over!

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