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Monday Mischief: Daisy’s Bone Trap

Well Daisy has raised the mischief stakes. Again.

She has officially declared Bone Warfare.

Her new rule of mischief: If you’re small and at a disadvantage, strike first or retaliate with a well-placed trap. It’s always good for a laugh.

The Bone Trip Trap. Yes, Daisy actually positioned the bone to stand up straight!

A while ago, when she did something naughtily mischievous, DD tattled on her. Daisy stood there listening with her ears down, eyes all wide and pleading, while DD told me about her naughtiness.

We didn’t realize that Daisy had disappeared by the time we finished talking about it – she can be quite stealthy when she wants to – but when DD was leaving the room, I suddenly heard her (DD) cry out in pain.

Daisy had placed her hard Nylabone with the sharp, spiky bits (this thing is like a rock cactus) right in the middle of the doorway on a small threshold rug. The rug has a floral pattern and it was after dark, so the bone wasn’t obvious.

Awaiting the next unsuspecting shoeless victim….

“Daisy put that bone there on purpose, I just know it – it’s the Bone of Truth!” DD accused. “She heard me telling you what she did, and now she paid me back for it!”

I laughed at the time, but I think Daisy got a real kick out of DD’s reaction because ever since then, she quietly sets her little bone trap just like you see in the photo above. And she always comes running to see the reaction when someone without shoes on steps on those sharp bits or when someone with shoes on almost fractures an ankle when they hit it on the edge.

The victim’s cry, “That darn bone again!” brings Daisy happily in with a smile on that little face, innocent tail wagging.

In this game of bone warfare, vigilance is key.

So we sound the alarm when one of us sees a trap set for us. Daisy has, of course, caught on to this. And she upped the stakes.

Take a look at the camouflaged trap she set yesterday in DD’s doorway (she’s really gunning for DD!):

Bone trap wearing its camo gear

Hmmm….looks like you’ve been discovered, ol’ buddy. I’ll have to fix this.

La-de-daaa…I’m just sitting here with my buddies….

What?? I’m just keeping my ol’ friends company!

The more innocent you act, Miss Daisy, the more we know you’re up to something….. 😉

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The Search For Tough Dog Toys Goes On….And On….

Daisy may be relatively small, but she’s got powerful jaws! We figure she’s about 15 pounds now, and she’s a solid 15 pounds – all muscle. Not what we expected when we brought that frail, bony 2.6 pound puppy into our home a mere 7 months ago!

In fact, come to think of it, yesterday Daisy turned 10 months old! 🙂

Anyway, as I’ve said before, Daisy is VERY tough on toys. We’ve been through 3 Nylabones in that short time – she’s destroyed each one in no time. Every time we got a new one, we found one that was harder and supposedly stronger, but now she even devastated the shiny, hard white one.

She has a strategy, you see – she systematically searches for the weakest spots and then attacks them mercilessly until they soon shred or tear and she’s pulling out stuffing or squeakers.

It’s really frustrating. There have been more shredded toys in our garbage than in some pet shop aisles.

Haha...I'll get you, my pretty!

The other day I went to PetSmart, and a helpful staffer pointed me in the direction of a different type of Nylabone – it’s a weird-looking thing called a Double Action Chew and is specifically made for “powerful chewers”.

We’ll see.

They haven’t tested it on our Daisy.

It’s easy to underestimate a little Havachon like Daisy – she looks so sweet, happy and friendly. And she is. But she’s also a real ruffian with her toys!

She completely destroyed a Level 7 Tuffy toy in about a week – that “Tiger Tested” toy didn’t stand a chance with Daisy! What kind of tigers are they testing these things on anyway? Aunt Ethel’s pet cat named “Tiger”??

We’re now up to the Level 9 Tuffy toy, and it’s holding up better. She found that the weakest spot is the inner binding of the ring, so she’s starting to shred that. ::sigh::

The biggest problem is that manufacturers seem to make the toughest toys in sizes suited to large dogs, so we can’t get them for Daisy. Even the PetSmart staffer thought that was ridiculous.

I also bought a crinkly-sounding flat toy called “Combat”. Sounds tough. Again….we’ll see. I’m holding that in reserve for when the Tuffy toy cries “uncle”.


Havachon Philosophy: Leave No Toy Unmauled

These razor-sharp teeth of Daisy’s are costing us a small fortune in dog toys! In one month she totally destroyed a NylaBone, which took our large dog months to get through. I guess small dogs must have sharper teeth than large ones, because I recall our large dog having BIG teeth but they didn’t tear through toys like razor wire.

In the 2-1/2 months we’ve had her, Daisy has also destroyed:

Toys are my LIFE! 🙂

~ Her favorite stuffed squeaky giraffe

~ A “barbell” made specifically to withstand sharp puppy teeth (uh-huh…)

~ A “strong” twisted denta-rope recommended by someone who also has a small dog with sharp teeth (apparently he doesn’t know how sharp teeth can really be!)

~ A tennis ball (she pulled all the fuzz off it with her tiny front teeth, working at it intensely as if it was a required exercise)

~ A teething bone with 3 different textures for teeth and gums (that was supposed to be “tough” but only lasted a whole 3 weeks)

~ A squeaky chicken (she pulled the stopper and then the squeaker out, essentially gutting the poor thing)

…and three or four more that I can’t remember now, they went into the trash SO fast!

We just bought a Tuffie Toy, which is supposed to have 9 different “security layers” (our phrase, not theirs!) and they’ve supposedly been tested on tigers. Well, tigers have HUGE teeth and powerful jaws, but I don’t know if their teeth are like razors. We’ll see what happens when we give it to her, as soon as she destroys her new favorite toy….a squeaky, squishy platypus. The tail’s already gone, so it won’t be long now…. 😦


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