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NaNoWoofMo Time! And The Story Continues…..

It’s NaNoWoofMo time!! That’s National Novel Woofing Month, a fun time to add to a fun story created by Rocco’s House. Wanna join in? Jump on over and pick any day during November that you’d like to put your two paws into the story, there are still some openings!

If you need to catch up on the story, here’s where you can find previous sections:

1) Rocco
2) Brofur Ku
3) Hailey and Zaphod
4) Bongo
5) SwamiZoe
6) Easy

This is our first year participating, so without further barks, here’s our continuation of the story.

…I turned and ran, trying to ignore the burning in my lungs. I was nervous but somehow excited at the idea of trying to live on my own like my ancestors did. How would I eat? Were there kibble trees in the forest? Biscuit bushes?

It didn’t matter right now. I plunged headlong into the dark, dense forest; the air was cooler in here and it smelled sweeter too, almost like I’d entered another world. I dodged trees with an agility I didn’t know I still had. I soared over bushes like an Olympian. What was happening? I felt like a pup again, like my youth was being restored.

Once I could no longer see any town lights behind me, I stopped running and looked around me. My ears shot back when I heard a somewhat familiar sound…running water. Oh no, was there a human in here who had seen me and was running yet another bath for me? I looked around and was so relieved to see it was a stream – I’d seen one once on a TV show my human was watching. I went to it and sniffed carefully, then licked up some of the stream. It was refreshing and cold and I was starting to feel like I made the right decision in coming back to my roots.

I saw a thick bed of pine needles under a huge Christmas tree, and I decided to have a rest there while I figured things out. I nestled in and immediately felt a warm, happy tiredness wash over me, and I started dozing to the songs of a hundred birds.

“Hey, you’re on our turf!” a menacing growl broke my slumber.

“Who…who are you?” I looked up and thought I was looking in a mirror – this dog looked almost exactly like me.

Two more of me came up behind him…and then another…and another – what had I gotten myself into?

For the next section of this thrilling tail tale, visit Kuruk’s bloggie tomorrow at Haiku By Ku! 🙂

Thank you Rocco’s House for organizing this fun writing hop!


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