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Dog Not Eating? It Could Be Acid Stomach!

We spent part of the holidays out of state visiting family that live 1200 miles away, and, of course, we took Daisy with us. She was quite happy spending two days each way in the car relaxing on Big Blue in the back seat snuggled up next to DD, and she only asked for water/potty breaks every 3-4 hours, so she was a good little passenger.

I'm a happy pup as long as I'm with my family...and on Big Blue!

I’m a happy pup as long as I’m with my family…and on Big Blue!

She was able to find several comfortable positions for her leg, even though she was restricted to some degree by the car harness and seat belt.

Yep, this is a good snoozing position.

Yep, this is a good snoozing position.

No one could understand how I was comfortable using the seat belt as a headrest, but I liked it!

No one could understand how I was comfortable using the seat belt as a headrest, but I liked it!

And she created her own little adventures, like when she took a ride on the luggage cart with DD:

Hey, this thing is pretty cool! What do you mean it's not made for doggies??

Hey, this thing is pretty cool! What do you mean it’s not made for doggies??

We were gone for 8 days, and for the first four days, she was fine. But by the fifth day, she was refusing to eat her normal dog food and she was throwing up a small amount of bile once a day.

We thought maybe it was the stress of travel that she wasn’t used to or maybe something strange she licked, but when we got back home, this continued. It was weird because she would go straight to her food and looked like she was interested in eating, but when she smelled it, she seemed to be repulsed by it – like she and it were opposite magnetic poles. She would sniff it two or three times as if trying to convince herself to eat, but each time, she’d pull her head back, stare at her food almost longingly, and then back away from it.

We had an appointment with the vet just a few days after returning home for another re-evaluation of her leg, so we told him what was happening with her eating.

We were shocked when he said it was most likely acid stomach that was brought on from travel! We know dogs like their routines and prefer to be in familiar surroundings, but we didn’t know that going without those two primary things for a week could cause a physical problem.

The solution was simple: one Pepcid AC tablet once a day, at the same time each day. We decided to give it to Daisy in the hour before her dinner (she was, as always, thrilled to get anything wrapped in cream cheese!). He was definitely right – she couldn’t eat her breakfast, but after the evening Pepcid, she had no trouble eating dinner. We did this for three days, and all was once again right in Daisyville. No more acid stomach.

So if your dog has been exposed to some major difference in their little world and you notice some type of gastrointestinal problem, acid stomach may be the answer. Always check with your vet first to be sure.


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