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Nature’s Oceanside Glory

A couple of weeks ago, when we took Daisy to the beach (and nature preserve) for the first time in her young little life, I once again felt the soul-enriching beauty of being completely surrounded by nature, with nothing but the call of shore birds and the rippling sounds of distant waves gliding through the inlet.

It was sheer heaven.

If you’re into nature photography like I am, you know the awe-inspiring experience of discovering those little things that tend to be overlooked or taken for granted. I thought I’d share some of those gentle beauties with you here.

Nature’s Patterns: Ripples in the inlet sand left by receding waters when the tide went out.

When is debris beautiful? When the receding sea leaves natural seaweed and driftwood on the beach in rows that look like Poseidon’s staircase.

Cactus growing naturally on the northeastern seaboard? Who knew? Just goes to show what little miracles occur when man doesn’t tamper with nature.

Is it an alien from another planet? A military helmet? Nope, just a horseshoe crab, now protected in this little paradise cove.

Look at this cool guy! I have no idea what kind of bird this is, but he’s one of the more unusual ones I’ve seen around here.

We were fortunate enough to finally see an osprey approaching its nest!

Not sure what this bird is, but his wing span was enormous!

Inlet of shallow rippling water that was fun for Daisy to explore. 🙂

I’ll stay on the lookout for more fun things!


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