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Monday Mischief – Faker!

My oh my, did Daisy ever cry wolf this weekend! She’s taking mischief-making to a whole new level!

Sunday wasn’t only bath day for our Miss Daisy, it was a full grooming day.  That means that after her bath, I clip her nails, trim the hair on her face, legs, and paws (including around the pads), and give that cute little derriere of hers a buzz cut to keep unmentionable stinkies from clinging to her. It takes two of us to get the clipping and trimming done – DH to hold her in a comforting yet firm way, and me to do the dirty work.

Needless to say, Daisy hates full-on grooming days.

You're not coming toward me with that clipper....are you?

We give her treats to help get her through these non-invasive, non-painful, simple little procedures. The way Daisy acts, you’d think we were performing surgery without an anesthetic.

But this weekend she raised the stakes. My least favorite part of grooming her is clipping her nails. Only once did I draw blood from one of the black nails, and she didn’t even yipe. We stopped the bleeding quickly by dipping her nail in regular ol’ flour; the vet said we could also use baking soda or a styptic pencil. I probably only slightly nicked the edge of the quick since she didn’t feel it, but I was shaking for an hour!

That was months ago. Yesterday, after trimming the hair on both front paws/legs and clipping the nails, we moved on to her back legs, which are much easier to do. As soon as I clipped the second nail, she let out an ear-piercing yipe. Scared the living daylights out of me! I was so upset – how could I have done this again, and on a transparent white nail, yet?

I started running to get the flour again when DH called out, “There’s nothing wrong with her!”

In disbelief, I went back and checked her nail myself – I hadn’t cut anywhere near the quick! She wasn’t bleeding, and there was still white nail extending beyond the pink quick.

“FAKER!” I cried at her. “The dog who cried wolf!!”

Relieved but still shaking a bit, I took hold of the next nail with DH’s prompting. Guess what happened? She yiped before I  even brought the clipper anywhere near her foot!!

“Oh no you don’t!” I scolded her, staring straight into those big brown eyes, “You’re a faker! No more! You stop faking!”

I think she understood, because I cut the rest of her nails without even so much as a whimper. 🙂

So, to add to Snoopy’s Rules of Mischief  here’s our Rule No. 8 – if twisting, pulling, yanking, groaning, and puppy-mumbling won’t stop them from clipping your nails, resort to yiping. Works every time. (Or at least momentarily!)

This is NOT my best look!!

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