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The Great Clear-Out of 2014 – Daisy and the Flute

Since I had to empty out all the cabinets, the china closet, server, wall units, etc. for the renovations, I got the bug to start paring down.

You don’t realize how much you’ve accumulated over the years until something like this happens, and suddenly you’re faced with the reality of stacks of boxes of “stuff” and stacks upon stacks upon stacks of books. (In our defense, we’re all avid readers and research is a major part of my job, so there’s something of an excuse in there!)

But I have to admit, it was a bit of a weird feeling – you spend the first half of your life acquiring things and building up the makings of your home, then suddenly you find yourself teetering on that peak of the “other side” of life, the side where you move in the opposite direction and “deaccession” things, like museums do from time to time. It’s a weird feeling (I know I’m repeating myself, but it is!).

At first it felt positive, like I was trimming the fat and getting down to fighting weight (pardon the ridiculous cliche), then all of a sudden it felt like I was slowly closing the curtain of my life. I don’t like that feeling and it’s much too soon to feel that way, so I’m focusing on the fact that I really do prefer a simpler existence and am working toward retaining just enough to fit into that diminutive cottage I dream of living in someday.

It’ll take a while to get to that point fully, I know, but I’m working toward it.

Anyway, all psychological assessments aside, DD caught the “clear-out fever” and started going through some of her things. I guess you’re never too young to thin the herd of “stuff” that tends to accumulate.

In doing so, she came across her flute that we had bought for her in middle school. Music is in her blood; she plays lots of instruments (and was a music major at one point in college), but her true musical love was and is the French horn, which she still plays in bands, ensembles, and pit orchestras. When she found her flute during her clear-out, she decided it was the one and only instrument she no longer wanted to keep.

After cleaning it up, she tested it by playing it. This interested Daisy enormously, since she hadn’t heard the flute being played before. She immediately went into Investigation Mode – cautiously at first, then in full-on Daisy Mode.

The "head-tilting curiosity" mode.

The “head-tilting curiosity” mode.

"Investigation Mode" begins....

“Investigation Mode” begins….

Hmmmm....are you making it sing like that?

Hmmmm….are you making it sing like that?

Investigation Mode intensifies....

Investigation Mode intensifies….

My, aren't you the tall one!

My, aren’t you the tall one!

Challenge accepted! Begin "Daisy Mode"...

Challenge accepted! Begin “Daisy Mode”…

Full-on Daisy Mode! You're mine!!

Full-on Daisy Mode! You’re mine!!

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Daisy Investigates the French Horn

Hmmm, what is this strange contraption that makes those beautiful melodies?

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Friday Burnout: Miss Daisy’s Version of “My Favorite Things”

Too many writing assignments right now and my writing brain is feeling burned out. So I let the nonsensical side take over when this silly rendition of “My Favorite Things” from “The Sound of Music” popped out, as it would be sung by Miss Daisy:

Ah, hangin' out...another one of my favorite things....

Barking at nothing and yapping at no one,
Tapping the window from morning ’til day’s done,
Tearing up toys all through winters and springs –
These are a few of my favorite things.


Chasing the squirrels and the birds at the feeder,
In my back yard there’s no doubt I’m the leader.
Waiting to see what tomorrow will bring –
These are a few of my favorite things.

When the cats meow
When the phone rings
When I’m feeling tired~
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I can feeeeel—

Sorry guys, as I said, I’m burned out! Have a great weekend everyone!


Daisy Meets the French Horn – A Havachon Music Lesson

We have an avid French horn player in the family and, needless to say, Daisy found the sound coming from this strange contraption very perplexing. So we thought we should introduce her to the source of the sound – she was VERY cautious at first, then delved a bit deeper:

Daisy cautiously meets the French horn

What's in here? This requires a deeper investigation....

But she does stay a safe 3 yards or so away when the horn’s being played!

Maybe one day she can play a duet with DD….hmmm, I wonder what instrument would suit Daisy…. 😉


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