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Monday Mischief: Headless Daisy (Don’t Panic!) ;)

Back from our week-long absence – we sure did miss our blogging buddies!

For the sake of keeping in theme with Mischief Monday, we could say that Daisy is either doing her impression of the Headless Horseman or playing a late April Fool joke on us by making her head “disappear”.  But in fact, this is just silly little Daisy being silly little Daisy. 🙂

DH took a cell phone picture of our silly little girl in her favorite “headless” pose – stretched the length of his lap, arms stiff in her “hands-up-or-I’ll-shoot” pose, and her head dangling past his knees, out of sight (and he’s TALL!).

Mind you, she’s so comfortable like this, that she’s actually ASLEEP!


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Monday Mischief – What’s Really “Bugging” Daisy?

Well bug season isn’t wasting any time getting an early start here in the northeast – what can we expect when it hits 90 degrees in April?! Mosquitoes, bees and other creepy crawlies that we shouldn’t be seeing in such quantities yet emerged back in March, and they’re (unfortunately) bigger than ever. We’re also hearing that it’s going to be a record year for ticks – wonderful, just wonderful. 😦 I’ve already been through a bout of Lyme disease, I don’t relish the possibility of going through it again.

So today’s mischief is being played upon Daisy, rather than by Daisy. See, Daisy doesn’t quite see buggies the same way I do. She finds them to be quite fun – it’s like they’re playing a game of Catch Me If You Can as the flying bugs zip past her and the chase is on: bugs buzzing, Daisy snapping at them.

Well this gigantic mosquito decided to tease Daisy from a safe place – the other side of the glass door. He must have observed that big black cat last week and decided it would be safe to taunt her from a fraction of an inch away, as long as there was thick double-pane glass between them!

Hey! What's this thing on my door?!

The mosquito blends in a bit with the concrete behind it, but just look up a bit from Daisy’s nose – see the l-o-n-g legs attached to a thin body?

::Snap snap!:: I'll get you yet!

When snapping didn’t do the trick, nor did it scare the mosquito away, Daisy started trying to lick her way through the glass.

::sigh:: I better stock up on glass cleaner this summer! 😉

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