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The Great Havachon Mirror Wars of 2011

I throw down the gauntlet! Surrender, you beast!

This should go down in the Havachon History books. The Great Havachon Mirror Wars of 2011.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned with this little puppy, it’s to always have my camera close at hand (I should really have a video camera strapped to my shoulder to get all her antics!). You just never know what Crazy Daisy will get up to next!

A freezing rain was carrying on outside yesterday, so I decided to  stay in. It was, as we like to call it, a “Cocoa Day”.

I was cleaning the master bath when, from the bedroom, I heard a series of thunk-thunkthunk-thunks. I knew Miss Daisy was up to something very…..Havachon. So I whipped out my trusty camera.

The full-length mirror was swinging wildly back and forth (it’s on its own stand), and Daisy was racing out of the room, away from the mirror, while looking over her shoulder and barking holy hell at it. The only thing I can figure is that she was investigating the back of it, discovered she could move it, and somehow managed to jump over its base, pushing the mirror forward and causing it to swing like crazy.

This must have either terrified her or really ticked her off. The mirror had taken on a life of its own.

She stood at the other end of the hallway barking her head off, as if there was an imminent threat to herself and her treasured domain. It was nonstop. I’ve never heard her carry on like that before. Even when someone comes to the door, she just whines….

Slowly she made her way back up the hall, in tiny double-steps, stopping every couple of steps and letting that mirror have a piece of her mind. Her Crazy Daisy mind.

Very cautiously, she approached the mirror, continually growling, bfffffing through clenched teeth, and bow-wow-wowing like a maniac. But it was so funny to watch, I just couldn’t tell her to stop. I wanted to see how this whole thing would play out.

She finally got close to the mirror – in the picture, she’s growling. I couldn’t time my shots right to get a picture of her barking (an annoying fault of digital cameras). If I hadn’t witnessed the entire event, I’d have thought she was angry with or threatened by the dog in the mirror!

How DARE you impersonate me!!

Well the barking escalated; she yelled at that mirror continuously for ten solid minutes. I realized that this could go on infinitely, so I called her away and closed off the room.

This morning she went back in and, after a few innocent minutes, she realized the offending mirror was still there, even after all her warnings. The War was back on.

The room is now closed off.

What a crazy little puppy!


Daisy’s Discovery of the Mirror World

How can you be in there and behind me at the same time?

It seems like Daisy thinks she’s discovered an alternate universe in the reflection of our oven door. 🙂

As I was preparing dinner, I looked over and saw Daisy standing perfectly still, staring into the empty oven. Or at least I thought she was staring into the oven – she seemed transfixed by the plain black surface.

Then I realized that she was standing at a slight angle, and that her head in the reflection  was angled up toward me! Could she really have been watching me through the reflective oven surface?

So I waved at her – or rather, at the oven door. Her ears were perked up as she seemed to be trying to comprehend this odd but peculiarly familiar Otherworld that existed in our kitchen. She didn’t flinch; she stood frozen in place. I smiled and waved a couple more times, and then she started to get it – she slowly wagged just the tip of her tail at this Oven Door Phantom.

Then I said “hello” to her as I waved; she looked back at me, looked into the glass, and then started wagging her tail with more enthusiasm. I guess she finally realized there was no Stranger Danger in that Oven Door Phantom!

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