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I Hate Appliances!

Any increase in consumer spending is because of us. Right now – unfortunately – we’re boosting the economy single-handedly.

All of our kitchen appliances decided to die at the same time. I swear they’re in cahoots with each other.

Hey! What's all the rucus about?!

First the range went. Okay, it was 20 years old, but it was an all-in-one stove/oven/microwave, so that meant two new units. And a big patch of unfinished bare wall now exposed between the two.

Which means we have to redo the entire section  between the upper and lower cabinets around the entire work side of the kitchen. Trust me, we have no other option.

They tell me this will be good for resale. I’ll hold on to that thought.

Then I discovered lakes developing in the refrigerator. Both of the frozen and unfrozen varieties. The fridge had reached the end of its 10-12 year life….in 9 years.

Not to be outdone, the dishwasher started making weird straining sounds, and nothing coming out of it had that sparkling look that it should.

All. At. Once.

See what I mean? Cahoots. There must be Appliance Retirement Meetings going on in here after dark that we can’t even fathom.

Daisy using me as a perch to look out the window from the bed.

The stove and microwave have been installed; stove’s fine, microwave is too high. The cabinet above it is too small (it was purchased to suit the previous unit) and needs to be replaced. Which means another visit by the installer/electrician, which means another fee.

The fridge, so far, is doing fine. However, the cabinet above it is too big and has to be replaced. Apparently, they tell us, fridges are now bigger than they used to be nine years ago. Huh.

There is a BIG gaping hole where the dishwasher should be. Why, you ask? Because this 50 year old house was built by one of those rapid-fire crooked builders who put homes up faster than rabbits multiply. He’s been sued multiple times.

The major dishwasher plumbing pipe was plopped into the cement slab in a weird place so that only GE and Frigidaire products can fit in the space. We bought a Kitchen Aid. I LOVED this new unit. But yesterday the installer, who tried and tried to make it work, could simply not fit this beautiful dishwasher around the stupid pipe. It would cost $5,000 to move it 3 inches.

I want the economy to recover, but not that badly.

So back it went, and we now have a nasty gap in the cabinets where the dishwasher should be. Which means an unexpected trip back to the appliance store to pay big bucks for a dishwasher I don’t even want. On a weekend with no sales. Wonderful.

Daisy was a trooper thought all the deliveries. The gratuitous photos here are of her during the various deliveries. I kept her in the master bedroom while DH stayed with the delivery and installation guys. She was On Guard, growled a bit, barked a bit more, but mostly she was just doin’ her curious canine thing. She did herself proud.

I need an Advil.


Home Renovation Projects and Pet Safety

Who's that?! What's going on?! I've got my eyes on you!

A few months ago our electric range started superheating. It was pretty scary – you turned on a burner or the oven, and the entire stovetop surface superheated to an untouchable degree.

The unit was a 20 year old all-in-one stove, oven, and microwave unit. I believe in using appliances until they wear out, I’m not one to buy new things just because their styles change.

Consequently, by the time that happens, lots of other things are due for updating, so from one necessity come many related projects.

We’re do-it-yourselfers, so during upgrade periods, we become Lowe’s or Home Depot’s favorite people! LOL

Anyway, a few weeks ago we got a brand new stainless steel range with a matching microwave. The “fun” was in keeping Daisy occupied and away from the electrician when he spent a couple hours updating our old wiring; keeping her away from the range delivery and installation men, who were here for over an hour; and keeping her away from the microwave installer who was also here for a couple of hours. So while DH worked from home and stayed with the workmen, I stripped the bed and treated Daisy to afternoons on our bed, where she’s never allowed to go.

From that vantage point, she could look out two windows and see the road as well as the driveway, where the workmen went back and forth. It was like opening up a whole new world to her – very exciting!

But now come the rest of the upgrades – a new granite countertop, tiled backsplash around the entire work area, and possibly new wall decor – the hands-on part of the project. DH loves putting in tile and he’s great at painting and wallpapering, all of which will take a lot of time to complete.

So I got to thinking about Daisy’s safety with all these potentially dangerous chemicals and sharp objects around – since the projects will take more than a weekend to complete, what should we be aware of, aside from the obvious things like not leaving open paint cans sitting around?

There’s a very helpful article about keeping pets safe during home renovations which gives lots of suggestions and information on things to be mindful of that might not occur to homeowners during that busy, stressful time.  Keeping loose, dangling wires away from pets, keeping dogs away from workmen, making sure pets are nowhere near doors and/or windows that may be opening – all of these things and more are causes for concern.

We do so much research and prep work in getting our homes ready for upgrades – if we’re just as mindful in preparing to protect our pets for upcoming renovations, everything will go smoothly. It’s worth the time and effort!

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