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Daisy the Havachon Looks Back at 2010

If Daisy could look back at this past year, I think her reflections might go something like this:

I was born this year on March 13 and flown to a puppy boutique where I lived in a glass box for a few weeks. I was taken out to play with some other little furry puppies a few times a day, I got good food and lots of petting – it wasn’t so bad. I was SO tiny that the glass box seemed pretty big!

Then one day this man and woman came in and the woman kept saying, “AWWWWWW” every time she looked at me. She “AWWWWed” about me in a different way than she did when she looked at the other puppies. I didn’t know what that meant, but it made me feel a little warm tingle inside.

My first picture with my first toy and blanket! I was 2.6 months old and 2.6 pounds...most of it was fur!

The next thing I knew, I was being taken out again, but this time, instead of going in the puppy play yard with my Maltipoo, Yorkie, and French Bulldog neighbors, I was brought out to the front of the shop and put on the counter, where the woman looked like she was melting every time she looked at me. She said things like, “DD would LOVE this puppy!” and “She’s perfect for DD!” and “If we’re going to get a puppy, this would be THE ONE.”

The man and woman talked to the shop lady for a long time while they petted and played with me, and eventually I went back into my glass box. A few days later, they came back with the one they called DD, who actually got tears in her eyes when she picked me up for the first time. She kept saying things like, “I LOVE HER!” and “She’s perfect!”

A week later, they came back and took me to their house – it’s much bigger than the glass box I was used to living in and I felt scared and intimidated by all the new things and new people. I ran underneath a coffee table and sat there for a while, deciding whether it was safe or not to go out.

I felt kind of lonely, though, even though the man, woman, and DD were talking nicely to me. So I ventured out slowly and curled up on the woman’s foot, where I kept her trapped for quite a while. I heard a lot of giggles and AWWWWs again.

Since then, I’ve grown a LOT – I’ve put on at least 10 pounds and I don’t fit in tiny areas I used to love! I’ve been to lots of new places, and I’ve learned that people aren’t scary at all – everyone seems to like me when we go out or new people come to our house! I’ve had lots of new toys that I keep tearing apart, but nobody seems to get mad at me for that, they just get me more new toys. I’ve learned how to behave (for the most part) and how to make my needs known, even if I occasionally aggravate everyone.

It hasn’t all been good, though – I was sick when I first went home, but no one knew it. I couldn’t breathe well and got sicker and sicker even though I kept being rushed to a vet, until finally I was taken to a really good vet, who said I had a respiratory infection and made me better in no time. I LOVE that vet and all the people in his office – it’s one of my favorite places to go, even though he usually sticks me with a needle and shaves my behind. And I didn’t like the whole spaying thing very much either. But I still like going there!

I’ve been dressed up like a pumpkin, forced to wear Christmas antlers (ugh), jingle around in my Christmas jingle collar (which I don’t mind at all), and look pretty smart in my pink argyle sweater. I get to cuddle on my family’s laps, play inside and outside, and go for long car rides to see new places. I feel pretty lucky.

I like my Halloween costume!

Now there’s a big decorated tree in the house with presents all around it (I keep trying to steal the shiny bows), I’m meeting even MORE new people, and my family and I seem to understand each other very well. I still try to get my way with some things I know I shouldn’t do, but they don’t fall for my tricks very often. In fact, they usually laugh a lot, take lots of pictures of me (even when I’m being naughty), and then teach me right from wrong.

I think next year’s going to be even better. I’m one happy little puppy! 🙂


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