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Another New Award – Kreativ Blogger Award!

How thrilled we were to find that 2browndawgs honored us with the Kreativ Blogger Award! If you’re not familiar with 2browndawgs, take a minute to visit their blog. These two beautiful Chesapeake Bay Retrievers take us along on their training sessions, competitions, and outings in duck country. And they’re about to add a third adorable Chessie puppy to their happy home – you don’t want to miss these cute puppy pics!

For this award, we have to share 10 things about Daisy that you may not know. Then we get to pass the award on to six other bloggers. 🙂 We always love to share awards!

Okay, so here goes the first part:

1. Daisy loves the color red. She’s always drawn to it and definitely focuses more on red objects and pictures than any others.

2. Daisy likes to gently chew on her back foot with the silliest expression on her face (sorry to tell your secrets, Daisy!). And she puts ALL of it in her silly little mouth.

3. A dear family friend has nicknamed Daisy “The Blur” because of her insane impression of a joyful jumping bean whenever anyone comes into the house.

4. Daisy growls when she sees Doberman Pinschers on TV. She’s never met one in real life – go figure!

5. There’s a definite love/hate relationship between Daisy and her harnesses. She loves the idea of going out, but hates having the harness put on her for some odd reason known only to Daisy.

6. When we take Daisy for a ride in the car, she’s always safely harnessed in the back seat. But if I’ve parked the car in the driveway and then need to put it into the garage for the night, I let her sit in the front passenger seat – she sits like royalty, prim and proper and staring out the front window (whatever she can see from her height!) doing a perfect impression of a well-behaved dog (this is only a facade, of course!). This is definitely one of her favorite treats!

7.  I posted about how Daisy likes to knock shoes over; well, lately she’s been standing them up as well. If she finds shoes lying on their sides, she pushes them upright with her nose. All part of her shoe obsession, I guess!

8. Daisy seems to think that water in any container other than her own bowl is “special water” – if you offer water to her in anything else, she laps it up excitedly like it’s beef broth.

9. Daisy gets excited whenever we go into the laundry room because she knows new toys and treats are kept in there. Once she sees we’re just doing laundry or going to a shelf that’s not hers, she walks away.

10. If we alter our voices or make an unusual sound, Daisy has to jump up and carefully sniff our mouths to see if anything’s changed and we’re still us. I think this is her version of Homeland Security. LOL!

Okay, now the fun part. We love passing awards on and wish we could pass them on to all of our blogging buddies. But since we’re limited to 6 on this one, here goes:

1. Scriptor Obscura Writes. Ranging in scope from creative writing with depth and feeling to commentary, you just never know what you’ll find there!

2. Words With Purpose. Just like the title suggests.

3. Live, Bark, Love. Amazing agility work by 5 gorgeous dogs.

4. Roxy the Traveling Dog. Two cute pups and introductions to artists you may not otherwise know about.

5. Snoopy’s Dog Blog. Just the sweetest bearded collie you’ll ever meet.

6. Basset Momma. Tales of two very expressive basset hounds.

Thanks again to 2browndawgs!

You made my Christmas even merrier! 🙂


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