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Monday Mischief: Aren’t I Fancy!

Lookee what I got to do this weekend -I’m wearing one of Mommy’s bracelets! I feel SO pretty! 😀

What’s this now? What’s this thing on my leg? Hmmm…it’s kinda pretty! I think I like it!

What do you think, Mommy? Do you like it too?

Oh yes, this is me alright. I feel like Cleopatra!

It’s true that Mommy put the bracelet on me when she saw that I liked it a lot, that wasn’t the mischievous part. But the next thing I did was – I liked it so much, I pretended to fall asleep so I could wear it longer! Heehee!

I’m getting ready to nap, Mommy. You wouldn’t want to disturb me by taking your bracelet back now!

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