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Monday Mischief: Daisy Plans Mischief

Shhhh, don’t tell Daisy, but we think we’ve discovered her secret Mischief Planning Hideaway:

Hmmm, now let's see....if I grab the apple from the table while they're distracted....yeah, that just might work.

Hmmm, now let’s see….if I grab the apple from the table while they’re distracted….yeah, that just might work.

Ok, I'll have to position myself just right so I'll have that apple before they know I'm even in the room....

Ok, I’ll have to position myself just right so I’ll have that apple before they know I’m even in the room….

And then there’s the backup hideaway, in case we’re in the same room as Hideaway No. 1:

....so if I create a distraction here....then go for the apple there while they're cleaning up the distraction....

….so if I create a distraction here….then go for the apple there while they’re cleaning up the distraction….

There’s nothing like good planning when it comes to perfecting mischief!

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Daisy’s Under-Bed Hideaway

When I originally posted about Daisy’s little under-the-bed game of hide-and-seek, I never expected it to become one of her favorite play areas!

Halt! Who goes there?

She especially likes it before the bed in the master bedroom is made, because the comforter is touching the floor; that, coupled with the dust ruffle creates the perfect 2-layer entry-exit shield into her under-bed hideaway.

It’s like Daisy’s own little speakeasy, except no one knows the password to get in. Daisy does her funny little army crawl into her private retreat, making these crazy little grumbling sounds as she shimmies around under there. She dodges a couple of  plastic storage bins (good thing the bed a California king – it gives her plenty of room!) and scratches at their sides in an apparent attempt to either open them up and inspect their contents or rearrange what has become her own personal space – maybe she’s an interior designer at heart!

Just to see what was going on, one day DD went underneath the bottom of the comforter and dust ruffle at the edge of the bed. She brought the camera with her:

HEY! You can't come in here, this is a private Havachon club!



HAHA! You can't find me!


I must say that Daisy is not a good speakeasy hostess! She definitely didn’t like the fact that DD had crashed her little one-dog party. She issued little mini barking complaints, little closed-mouths things that were even funnier than her under-bed antics. Apparently she likes her private space to remain private.

Now that was fun!


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