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Monday Mischief: Tea Thief!

I may not have photos of the thief in action, but Daisy and I were alone in the house when this happened.

I put a full cup of chamomile tea on a table in the family room; there was a pretty good gap between the couch and the table. I was all set – a quiet house, a publication I was looking forward to reading in total relaxation, and a cup of herbal tea at my side.

I made the mistake of going into another room to get a throw, and when I came back I found this:

Daisy tea drinkNow, I don’t make half-cups of tea, that cup was totally full when I walked out of the room for all of a minute. Someone had one heck of a fast drink!

Why are you looking at me like that?? I don't know who drank your tea!

Why are you looking at me like that?? I don’t know who drank your tea!

I later found out that we were very lucky, because chamomile plants can be toxic to dogs and cats. Fortunately Daisy had no reaction at all, maybe because it’s so diluted. But from now on ALL drinks, herbal or not, will be kept FAR away from her reach; that snack table where I had the tea seemed far enough away, but apparently this little Havachon can stretch herself into some very elongated positions!

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