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Mischief Monday: THIEF!

The heat wave here in the northeast has us indoors more than any winter weather we can remember (not counting the hurricane, of course!). Temps in our area are over 100 and the humidity is so high that the heat index registers 115. That’s just not right. Florida has been cooler than this!

We’re only about half an hour from the beach, but people on the beach are actually burning their feet on the sand and ending up going to area hospitals with blisters on the soles of their feet. It’s crazy!

Daisy wants no part of the heat. She doesn’t even like temps in the 80s, let alone this steam bath we’re in. When I open the door to take her out and that blast of heat hits her, she balks like a stubborn mule and I can’t budge her. Now she’s upped the ante and runs under the bed when she sees me getting her harness and leash out! We have a walking date with a friend and her dog next week, which I made for 9 AM so hopefully we won’t melt. Also hopefully this heat wave will break and Daisy will drop her stubborn routine. Whoever heard of a dog not wanting to go out?!

Meanwhile, our container veggies didn’t do so well this year. I think it was either the brand of seeds we used or that too many seeds took and the overcrowding didn’t allow them to produce fruit, but this thief – who clearly thinks he’s a rabbit – didn’t know there weren’t any carrots beneath the lush greenery and was sizing up his attack:

squirrel carrot thief

Those carrot tops are over a foot tall now, and still no carrots can be found beneath the surface. Just roots. Oh well, hopefully next year’s crop with a different brand of seeds and more spacing will be better (though this was never a problem before). Now that the trees are gone and our yard is sunny – TOO sunny, in fact, because with this intense heat I have to keep all the blinds closed in the back of the house since we have no shade anymore – we’ll probably try to put in a real veggie patch next year.

I'll just stay in here and watch everyone else sweat, thank you very much.

I’ll just stay in here and watch everyone else sweat, thank you very much.

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Peeking and Poking – The Real Peeping Toms

We’re among those in the midst of a dangerous, nasty heat wave. Last week we had temps of 102 with a heat index of 110+ for several days, and it’s still bad. It’s absolutely unbreathable out there. I’ve spent more time indoors this summer than I did all winter!

I heard reports that farm animals (particularly cattle) and wild turkeys have been dying from the heat. I didn’t want that to happen to our little (and big) visitors, so I put a tray of water on the patio near the bird feeder so they wouldn’t dehydrate.

Okay, I didn't realize this old pan of my grandmother's is actually a roasting pan and the water got warm....fortunately we didn't end up with turkey soup!

I guess they consider this a safe haven now, and they’re getting more curious about what lies beyond the walls. First they started peeking:

Then they started poking:

Yes, it’s actually tapping on the glass door with its beak! How wild is that!?

Thankfully, Daisy doesn’t like the heat at all, so she’s been lazying about on any pillow she can find. This keeps her away from the glass door, where I’m sure she’d have gone ballistic!

It's too hot to move!

Stay cool, my friends!


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