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Happy Havachon Halloween!

Fall and Halloween go hand-in-hand around here. It’s my favorite season and it’s tied with Christmas as my favorite holiday. And since my birthday is October 30 – yes, Mischief Night! Bwahaha! – there’s lots of extra celebrating going on. 🙂 So I enjoy every precious second of it.

From our vet’s highly decorated office (notice the fireplace – it used to be a house, and he kept it warm and homey):

vet's autumn

vet's in autumn

To walks in my favorite park:

autumn tree red

This tree is actually quite red, but my smartphone isn’t smart enough to get the color right!

autumn trees with geese

To visits to those wonderful family-owned garden centers:

pumpkins at farm

mums in bloom



And last but certainly not least, Daisy’s attempt at striking fear into our hearts with her definitive Mark of the Vampire:

See Mom? I told you there was a canine vampire here! ::heeheehee!::

See Mom? I told you I turn into a vampire at night! ::heeheehee!::

I look innocent when I'm cuddling with my pumpkin, Jack. But I'm really hiding vampire fangs...

I look innocent when I’m cuddling with my pumpkin, Jack. But I’m really hiding vampire fangs…

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Early Monday Mischief: Mommy Was Born for Mischief!

We’re about to get hit hard with Hurricane Sandy – we’re in the epicenter geographically, so we’re posting on Sunday instead of Monday because there’s every chance we won’t have power for quite some time starting tonight or tomorrow. The storm is starting tonight (Sunday) and lasting through Wednesday morning – we’ve got a  long, scary road ahead of us! If you don’t see us online for a few days, it’s because this so-called “life-threatening Frankenstorm” has taken us down for a while. Good luck to any of our fellow bloggers who are also in the target area of the northeast!

Meanwhile, Daisy is hijacking the blog today.

Hi Blog Buddies! Daisy here. And I’m going to tell you a secret about Mommy today.

My mom really was born for mischief because she was born on Mischief Night! (Tuesday is her birthday, but she won’t let me tell you WHICH birthday it is! Heehee!) How could she doubt I would follow along?! I like to tell her that all my mischief is in honor of her birthday. 😉

Well, I guess her mischievous birthday isn’t really a secret, but did you know that sometimes she gets a mischievous little gleam in her eye? When I see that, I know something’s up, but I never know what it is until it happens.

Like the time she put that Halloween skirt on me.

You’re taking Havachon humiliation to a whole new level….

Or the time she made me wear the “spa bathrobe” after my bath.

This is ridiculous……

Or when she took a picture of me soaking wet after my bath – not a girl’s best look!

This is NOT my best look!

But I know she does these things in good fun, so I go along with it. After all, if I didn’t have a good sense of humor about it, I’d have chewed up her camera by now, right? 😉

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Monday Morning Chuckle – Funny Dog Costumes

We’re way past Halloween, but funny dog costumes give good giggles any time of year! This website has a collection of costumes that can even bring a smile to Mondays. There’s even a bird dressed in a tuxedo!

Enjoy, and have a happy Monday!

Those dogs look amazing, but I still like being a pumpkin!


Happy Halloween Havachon!

This weekend will be full of fun for us – Saturday is my birthday (yes, I’m a Mischief Night baby) and Sunday is Halloween, so I probably won’t be online at all. Lots of plans, lots of fun!

So I thought I’d post this picture of Daisy in her Halloween pumpkin costume now, and wish everyone a spook-tacularly fun, sweet-filled Halloween!

I love my pumpkin costume! I hope I get some Halloween candy!


Who Needs a Halloween Costume? This Havachon Has Bat Ears!

I think the picture says it all.

Daisy LOVES hanging her head backward or sideways over our arms – she falls asleep like that all the time! It looks so uncomfortable, but that’s our kookie little puppy.

She does have neck muscles that would be the envy of every pumped-up body builder!

Maybe we should just put some black bat wings on her and carry her around upside-down for Halloween….. 🙂


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