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Dogs, Guinea Pigs, Turtles – What’s In A Name?

Some might say “nothing”. A rose by any other name….etc.

I’m not so sure though. Every time you hear of a child named Damien, everyone cringes and jokes that the name has carved out his destiny. Ridiculous – absolutely, no question.

Yet it seems different when it comes to the pets we’ve had. All of our pets were named as babies, before their personalities really emerged. And each one seemed to reflect their name.

A few examples, for your consideration. 🙂

We got two little red-eared slider turtles at the same time. DD, who was an English Literature major at the time, has a flair for the dramatic when naming pets. The first name she chose for one turtle was Diamedes. Sounds to me like an ancient warrior….and he was. He was king of the tank. He dominated the basking island. When we cleaned the tank, we’d put him in a large open box so he wouldn’t get lost – he zipped around that box more like the hare than the turtle, and he’d climb up the sides using those long, sharp claws like grappling hooks. When he’d fall, he’d flip back over and do it again and again and again until he finally made it over the top. Diamedes was one determined little warrior.

Can't find our photos right now, so here's a little red-eared slider via Wikipedia.

The other turtle was named Wilbur – we still can’t figure out why DD chose such a pedestrian name when she always leans toward Shakespearean names and names that sound like they came out of classic novels or pre-18th century English courts. But anyway, Wilbur it was. And he was a Wilbur in contrast to tough Diamedes – he let Diamedes literally climb all over him – if Wilbur was on the basking island first, Diamedes would just climb on top of Wilbur like a turtle totem pole. If there was one dried shrimp between them, he let Diamedes have it. We had to feed him separately sometimes just to make sure he ate!

Then we had guinea pigs. One was named Cinnamon, a mild spice. Cinnamon was quiet and mild. If you sat on a chair with her in your lap, Cinnamon would scurry up your sleeve and hide in there or climb up your arm and hide behind your neck, under your hair. And she’d stay there for as long as you’d let her. Sweet little mild Cinnamon. 🙂

Then there was Bessie. Bossy Bessie. Bessie pulled no punches. We couldn’t put her in the same cage as Cinnamon because she’d attack and dominate immediately. Bessie was loud and tough. She’d screech at Cinnamon, who was minding her own business in her own cage. If Bessie didn’t want to be picked up, she’d bite us. When she was ready to get off our laps, she’d bite us. Bossy Bessie. Ya gotta respect a critter who only weighs ounces but stands up and bullies 100+ pound humans!

Image via Wikipedia

Not true to her name was Mugsie, but that’s because she had the wrong name. “Mugsie” sounds like it belongs to a boxer type, but she was our rescue Shepherd-Husky-Collie mix, the first dog DH and I got when we moved into our house. She was gentle, beautiful, sweet, and lackadaisical; her eyes were outlined in black that looked like Cleopatra’s eye liner. She adjusted to situations easily and liked everyone (except one neighbor, and I agreed with her! LOL) I wanted to name her Kima (pronounced Keema) or some other exotic sounding name, but DH, who never had a dog before, had his heart set on Mugsie for some reason. So Mugsie it was. But she was Kima at heart. 😉

Mugsie, the first pet of our married life.

And now there’s Daisy. Named before her personality formed, while she was still a frightened little furball hiding under the coffee table. We picked the name because of a line Meg Ryan said in “You’ve Got Mail”, when Tom Hanks brings her a bouquet of daisies and Meg Ryan says that she thinks daisies are the happiest flowers.

Daisies, our pup's namesake. 🙂

We think they’re really pretty too, and they always make us smile. So Daisy it was. And now that frightened little furball is happy, sweet, pretty, and always makes us smile. She’s the most expressively loving pet we’ve ever had. 😀

Daisy, our sweet baby.


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