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Daisy’s Humiliation – The Dreaded Sink Bath

Yes, we’re taking yet another precaution against Daisy hurting her back again…though the surgeon would be emphasizing the fact that it can be genetic and it can happen from a sneeze or a stretch!

It’s the dreaded sink bath.

Daisy isn’t a fan of baths as it is, but when DH would bathe her in the tub, she had too much space and she’d walk around, slipping here and there, sometimes making a futile attempt at escape. Even when he’d be shampooing her, she’d get jostled around a bit.

We decided that was now too risky, so we’re bathing her in the sink like when she was a 3-pound puppy. Then she disappeared in the sink, but now it’s just the right size to contain her. We also put a non-skid foam net in the base so she can’t slip around and we’re shampooing very gently.

Her humiliation level seems to have risen exponentially, as you can see.

Oh I don't believe this!

Oh I don’t believe this! I refuse to even look at you.

OH...MY...GOD... You're taking pictures of this humiliation?!!

OH…MY…GOD… You’re taking pictures of this humiliation?!!

You may be able to force me to take a bath, but I'm scheming to repay you. Trust me on that.

You may be able to force me to take a bath, but I’m scheming to repay you. Trust me on that.

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Monday Mischief: Daisy’s Double Ears!

I always say there’s a silver lining to just about everything if you look for it….and we found the silver lining to Daisy’s ear allergies.

Daisy has a double coat, and her ears have thick layers of hair. After the oily allergy treatments in her ears, the hair was all separated and icky. We double-bathed her ear flaps with every bath, but still her hair never went back to the thick, flowing locks she had.

And then we realized why when, after one bath, her two ears turned into four….

Hey! Where'd these two extra ears come from?!

Hey! Where’d these two extra ears come from?!

Upon closer examination, we discovered that those two “extra ears” were actually solid hair mats, and her tiny little ears were buried deep within them.

So out came the grooming trimmer, a safe way to trim away the excess with no risk of cutting her skin, and off came the extra “ears” in solid mats:

Any dog out there need extra ears???

Any dog out there need extra ears???

And suddenly Daisy went from this:

What we thought were thick, lustrous ears....

What we thought were thick, lustrous ears….

To this:

The little face we can't resist, now with little ears to match!

The little face we can’t resist, now with little ears to match!

We’re keeping those little ears trimmed so there are no more double ear buildups! Who knew?!

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Monday Mischief: Dog Hair Gone Berserk

Did somebody spray Daisy with a hair growth formula? Because this little Havachon is sprouting curls faster than ever before!

She gets a double coat in colder weather, but I’m talking about length. I feel like I’m running a never-ending grooming salon here! Seriously, I could trim Daisy’s hair every week if I wanted it to stay short…and if I had the time…which I don’t!

3 month old Daisy – there was WAY more hair than dog!

I missed grooming Daisy for three weeks because of the two storms, their aftermath, and everything that goes along with all that mess. Suddenly I noticed our little puppy had gotten quite fuzzy. So I took up the clippers – much to Daisy’s dismay – and ended up with what looks to me like a Dog Hair Sundae!

Doesn’t this remind you of a soft-serve sundae? LOL!

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Monday Mischief: I Got ‘Em Back!

Daisy insists on taking the blog over again today. There’s no fighting a strong-willed Havachon!

Hi blog buddies! Daisy here.

So many of you had such wonderful suggestions on how I could get back at my family for taking me to the groomers. FleaByte  said that when my family’s not looking, I should chew up their stuff, and Long Life Cats and Dogs, Doggy’s Style,  The Misadventures of Misaki all agreed that I should  find some poo outside and roll in it – great idea!  One of the funniest suggestions came from Scrappy, who said I should take a picture of my family early in the morning, before they have a chance to get ready – that’d fix them GOOD! LOL!

But I got them back with an even more sinister plan….I caught kennel cough at the groomer’s place. Yep, I was honking and coughing and whooping all night last Monday, and since I sleep in the hall between their bedrooms (so no one can get up without me knowing about it!), I kept them up for hours on end. ::evil laugh::

I sacrificed a lot for this revenge. I didn’t feel too good; I could eat but I was a little sluggish and Mom said I had those big doe-eyes like I didn’t know what was happening to me. Oh, I knew alright! ::sinister chuckle::

But it kinda backfired on me a little, because Mom took me to the vet the very next day, and I got a shot. Poo. But on the positive side, I get to take pills twice every day for 10 days, and Mom gives them to me in peanut butter – woohoo!!

I just kinda stared off into space with glassy eyes for the first few days after I started taking my pill….I felt so doped-up, I could swear my family was moving in slow motion. It was a pretty wild ride! 😉

Now, you might ask how a pup who’s up to date on all her vaccines managed to get kennel cough. Well, Mom asked the vet the same thing. He said that the Bordatella vaccine protects against 3-4 of the most common strains of kennel cough, but I was tricky enough to catch one of the 30+ less common strains!

I’m feeling much better now; in fact, I stopped coughing as soon as my wonderful vet gave me that shot and Mom gave me my first cough pill when we got home. But I’m not allowed to run or play chasing games for 10 days…..another little glitch in my plan. Oh well, sometimes you have to make sacrifices! 😉

(Special “hi” shout-out to 00frog, if you happen to read this!)

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Monday Mischief: My Family Reversed Mischief On Me!

Daisy here. And none too happy either.

My family did a reverse-mischief on me last week, and I didn’t like it one bit.

You know what they did? They made me look like a girly-girl.

Yes, that’s right. They actually made tough, trap-setting Destructo-Pup look like a sweet girly pup.

They took me to a professional groomer.  :<O grrrrr

Stop laughing, it’s not funny. My family usually grooms me themselves every week, but now that Dad’s right arm is still in a brace, he can’t hold me still while Mom cuts my nails, shaves my behind (::shudder::), and clips my face and paw hair.

I thought I was going to be livin’ easy with no grooming for the weeks that Dad would be in the brace, but instead they took me to the groomer.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I like the groomer and her boss very much. They always play with me and hold me on their laps after they pluck my ear hair – sometimes I even get to play with other pups – but I’ve never had to go for the “Full Monty” before. Bath, blow dry, hair cutting, paw trim, nails cut, face trimmed, butt shaved (::shudder::)…..okay, I went through it all (although they did notice how much I hate my paws being touched).

There I was, fluffy and sweet-smelling. Isn’t that good enough? Oh no – then they topped it all off by putting a bright pink flower on each ear and tying a rainbow heart bandanna around my neck! What kind of look is that for Destructo-Pup?!

THEN, if that’s not bad enough, my family oooooo’ed and ahhhhhhh’ed over me when they picked me up and then took pictures of me at home! I didn’t want to look at the camera – I didn’t want anyone to recognize me!

But I knew my mom would post pictures, so I beat her to it so I could tell my side of the story. (Mom and DD say I had those big pleading “Puss-n-Boots” eyes.) Here I am after the grooming -I did get those flowers off my ears 5 minutes later!

I will not look at the camera….

I said, I will NOT look at the camera! ::how humiliating::

How much longer is this going to go on?!

Ack! You caught me looking! Somebody get me out of these things!

Oh no, they’re talking about taking me in for another grooming!! And a special grooming for Christmas! What’s a pup to do?!

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Oops He Did It Again….

Last year I wrote about what happens when you leave a man alone with an electric clipper and a dog. Daisy went from this:


to this:

Who knew her ears were so tiny under all that hair?!

That time DD and I were out shopping for hours when this happened. The silver lining was that an equal amount of hair was left on each ear.

But apparently that was just luck.

This time, I only left the room for 2 minutes while DH ran the humming clipper through Daisy’s thick ear hair….and – you guessed it – it happened again!

It looks like a toupee!!

Okay, the hair on Daisy’s ears had grown very thick and there were some mats in there – we can’t seem to stop them unless we keep her hair cut very short and continually thin it out. But DH went overboard this time – I can’t even the ears out because one of them actually has a crew cut on the end!

Uneven ears?! I demand to see a mirror!

Yup, there's actually a crew cut at the end of this ear. ::sigh::

I’m hiding that clipper from now on. 😉


Monday Mischief – Faker!

My oh my, did Daisy ever cry wolf this weekend! She’s taking mischief-making to a whole new level!

Sunday wasn’t only bath day for our Miss Daisy, it was a full grooming day.  That means that after her bath, I clip her nails, trim the hair on her face, legs, and paws (including around the pads), and give that cute little derriere of hers a buzz cut to keep unmentionable stinkies from clinging to her. It takes two of us to get the clipping and trimming done – DH to hold her in a comforting yet firm way, and me to do the dirty work.

Needless to say, Daisy hates full-on grooming days.

You're not coming toward me with that clipper....are you?

We give her treats to help get her through these non-invasive, non-painful, simple little procedures. The way Daisy acts, you’d think we were performing surgery without an anesthetic.

But this weekend she raised the stakes. My least favorite part of grooming her is clipping her nails. Only once did I draw blood from one of the black nails, and she didn’t even yipe. We stopped the bleeding quickly by dipping her nail in regular ol’ flour; the vet said we could also use baking soda or a styptic pencil. I probably only slightly nicked the edge of the quick since she didn’t feel it, but I was shaking for an hour!

That was months ago. Yesterday, after trimming the hair on both front paws/legs and clipping the nails, we moved on to her back legs, which are much easier to do. As soon as I clipped the second nail, she let out an ear-piercing yipe. Scared the living daylights out of me! I was so upset – how could I have done this again, and on a transparent white nail, yet?

I started running to get the flour again when DH called out, “There’s nothing wrong with her!”

In disbelief, I went back and checked her nail myself – I hadn’t cut anywhere near the quick! She wasn’t bleeding, and there was still white nail extending beyond the pink quick.

“FAKER!” I cried at her. “The dog who cried wolf!!”

Relieved but still shaking a bit, I took hold of the next nail with DH’s prompting. Guess what happened? She yiped before I  even brought the clipper anywhere near her foot!!

“Oh no you don’t!” I scolded her, staring straight into those big brown eyes, “You’re a faker! No more! You stop faking!”

I think she understood, because I cut the rest of her nails without even so much as a whimper. 🙂

So, to add to Snoopy’s Rules of Mischief  here’s our Rule No. 8 – if twisting, pulling, yanking, groaning, and puppy-mumbling won’t stop them from clipping your nails, resort to yiping. Works every time. (Or at least momentarily!)

This is NOT my best look!!

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Wordless Wednesday – Do I Hear Bath Water Running?!

Heehee....Bath time, eh? They'll have to find me first!

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What do you get when you leave a man alone with a dog and a clipper?

Man + Clipper + dog with long-haired ears that tend to mat = end result of:

Who knew her ears were so tiny under all that hair?!

Before the cut - which do you think looks better, long or short hair on her ears?

Woman + Clipper + long butt hair that tends to trap you-know-what = end result of:

Daisy's butt cut, a bit too much cut from the butt, I think....


A Havachon’s Favorite Toy – Her Ear

What a little nut! We’ve noticed that one of Daisy’s favorite playthings is – her ear!

What a nut!

Now, I’ve seen and heard of some dogs who play with their ears, but this silly girl likes to use her paws like hands, going into all kinds of weird contortions trying to push an ear into her mouth. Her ears aren’t all that long, so it’s a stretch.

Once she’s got it, loud chewing noises cut through the room. And I mean loud, like a child who’s chewing a wad of gum with its mouth open.

She’s not chewing the solid part of her ear, she’s chewing the hair hanging beyond it. This wouldn’t be a problem except for the fact that she’s creating some pretty nasty knots in her ear hair, all of which are on the underside, not visible when you look at her.

And I can’t cut them out because they’re large enough to leave a thin area of hair or a missing chunk of hair.

Seriously, with all her blankets and Nylabones, why would she want to do this? Is it akin to thumb-sucking for dogs? What on earth does she get out of it?? ::eye rolling::

Now, where did I leave that ear toy??


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