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Vets With Ulterior Motives

How can some vets be like this? It makes me sad....

As awful as Bad Vet was – and still is: another of his patients just died after months of suffering and no attempt at a diagnosis – he does accomplish one thing very well – he makes lots of extra money selling pet stuff people don’t necessarily need.

No wonder he has such a trendy looking office and such expensive shoes. Not to mention his extremely sophisticated, high-end interactive website.

Bad Vet sold my friend item after item and made a tremendous amount of money on her poor suffering Jack Russell – he was, essentially, selling her “hope”. This is yet another animal he  never bothered to diagnose. Imagine going to your doctor with brutal symptoms like vomiting violently every hour, inability to walk, lethargy, severe trembling, and having your doctor look you over generally, with casual disinterest, and say, “There’s nothing we can do. ”

Yet he’ll sell you every “maybe” in his shop.

Cut-rate chain vets offer cheaper office visits than independent vets, and you really do get what you pay for. BUT – he charged her double for emergency visits each time, told her he was going to “give” her this vitamin and that supplement and and and….but all of them showed up on her bill, which surprised her. This guy knows how to make up for his cut-rate service.

None of these things worked, of course, and now she’s stuck with a cabinet full of barely used junk. He’s one good snake oil salesman.

In addition, when we first went to him with Daisy, he told us that her harness was “garbage” and that she’d chew through it in a matter of weeks. The harnesses he sells, on the other hand, would last a lifetime…or so he claimed. He told us exactly what size to get so it could be adjusted to fit her throughout her life, since she’s a small dog, and guaranteed a lifetime of use.

This was all new territory for us – we hadn’t had a dog in years, and we never had a small dog before. So here’s a vet who’s speaking with total authority and naturally, we took him at his word. THIS is what he counts on.

Well, Daisy never even tried to chew her harness – and she outgrew it in 3 months. That’s a pretty short lifetime guarantee.

He pushed the benefits of a specific kind of puppy training treat as well – one that only he sold. And when I looked around the waiting room, I realized he had a showroom FILLED with stuff for sale, all of which I’m sure he would have highly recommended over time, had we been stupid enough to stay with him. We never did buy those treats.

See what I mean? Ulterior motives.


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