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Monday Mischief: Cushy Doggy Prison

Now that Daisy is starting to feel better, she’s also starting to feel energetic. She thinks she can go right back to her normal activities, which of course she can’t, since her favorite normal activities are jumping and running. 🙂

The vet said this would be the most difficult time period to keep her still, and boy, was he ever right!

I know her leg still has a long way to go because she still won’t use it much, and if we pick her up the wrong way, she lets out a tiny little whimper. Fortunately that rarely happens.

BUT – during her energetic periods, it can be very hard to keep her from jumping off the couch. So we have to improvise and get a little help from our friend and Daisy’s enemy, The Gate. We expand it, turn it sideways and put it in front of her while one of us sits next to her on the couch, so she’s totally blocked in.

Drat! Foiled again!

Drat! Foiled again!

It may look like a Doggy Prison, but it certainly is a comfy one!

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