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Early Backyard Harvest

I’ve been so excited about our early summer tomato harvest that I had to share these photos with you.

We raise most of our veggies from seed – our radishes, tomatoes, and peppers usually start producing late summer into early fall. (They’re just babies now!)

But this year I bought a hanging cherry tomato plant to get an early start. A few weeks ago it was loaded with little yellow flowers – look at the boutiful harvest it’s blessing us with now!

So far we’ve already picked over 3 dozen tomatoes! I go out every morning and pick 8-12 fresh tomatoes almost every day. We pop them like snacks! It’s so wonderful not to worry about pesticides – just pick, rinse, and eat.

We’re setting records this week with 100+ degree humid temps, so I garden early and get back into air conditioning by 9 AM. But it’s worth it – these fresh veggies, along with colorful flowers, are my favorite things about summer!

And this is MY favorite thing! 😀



The Rose Bush That Wouldn’t Die

When we moved here, there was a split rail fence around our 3/4 acre yard. For some reason, the people who put it in also had split rails extending across the center of the yard, with a wide opening in the center. It was as if they were delineating the front half of the back yard from the back half, but we couldn’t figure out why.

Roses on the never-ending rose bush

Anyway, there were rose bushes planted all along that part of the fence that cut through the yard. It looked pretty, but when we eventually took the split rail down, the rose bushes had nothing to climb on and looked weird standing meaninglessly across the center of the yard. We tried transplanting some of them, but they didn’t take.

Removing them opened the yard up to its full size, which we liked much better. Even though we didn’t want to, we had no choice but to cut the rest of the bushes down to the base, which did away with them.

Except this one. It hung on year after year, defying the odds, no matter how far down we pruned it.

We decided that any living thing that shows that much tenacity for life deserved to continue living, so we left it plopped in the center-left of the yard, and now we just prune it normally to keep it from growing out of control. And every spring it proudly rewards us with a bounty of red roses. We give it no special treatment, no fertilizer or anything, but yet it thrives better than anything else.

I’ve come to love and respect that little bush. To me, it’s nature’s way of saying that no matter how much you may get cut down, pushed around, tossed aside, or ignored, you can still shine if you just keep pushing on. This beautiful bush is living proof.


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