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Iams and Eukanuba Dog Food Recalls

Hi blog buddies! I know we’ve been pretty scarce for a little while, but our little world has been exceptionally busy. I’ve been able to squeeze in a few visits to some of your blogs, and I apologize for everything I’ve missed. I’m sure we’ll get back on track soon – I miss this reading about everyone’s adventures!

Meanwhile, I thought it was important to pass the word around about a dog and cat food recall from Iams and Eukanuba. Those of you who have subscribed to the Dog Food Advisor email notifications already know about it, but for anyone else, please check out their website and the long list of recalled dry food items that are suspected of being contaminated with Salmonella.

Hope to see you all back in the blogosphere very soon!

I'm just hangin' out with my toy until Mom gets me back into the blog world....

I’m just hangin’ out with my toy until Mom gets me back into the blog world…. Hurry up, Mom!



Monday Mischief: Evil Carrots!

I don’t know what happened in Daisy’s little Havachon tummy, but twice now she’s thrown up after eating a small piece of carrot. Obviously, carrots must have an evil conspiracy against Havachons. 😉

evil carrot

Every night when I’m making a salad, I give her a tiny slice for doing a trick. She LOVES that; she stands at my side, looking up at me with those beautiful expectant eyes. How can I resist?

But twice lately she’s thrown up shortly afterwards, so I’m thinking we should go off the carrots for a while, if not permanently. I don’t like to see the poor little thing looking like this:



Double ugh.

Double ugh.

Has anyone else experienced their pet suddenly not reacting well to something they’ve eaten for years?

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Monday MIschief: Just Act Natural

One of Daisy’s many Mischief Philosophies is, “When caught red-handed, just act natural and no one will be any the wiser.” Unfortunately that didn’t work this time, when she tried to lay claim to DH’s Italian takeout:

Daisy and takeaway

You don’t see me….I’m not here….

Daisy and takeaway

You still there??

Umm, errrr, ::ahem:: Can you please bring me some water to go with this?

Umm, errrr, ::ahem:: Can you please bring me some water to go with this?

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Monday Mischief: Daisy’s Gentle Reminder

It’s not really mischief I guess, but Daisy does have a new strategy. Whenever we eat something while sitting on the couch, Daisy has taken to “reminding” us that she’s right there and hoping for a hand-out. She puts her paw gently on us as if to say “Don’t forget to give me some!” It melts our hearts instantly.

I’m right here Mommy! And those sure do look yummy!

Maybe if I put my paw on your foot and give you my big puppy eyes, you’ll give me a lick of that nectarine…..

How can you resist me? Don’t you know that resistance is futile??

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Daisy the Finicky Gourmet Havachon

When it comes to food, Daisy gets bored easily. Makes things a bit difficult, since new dog foods need to be introduced slowly so we can’t just switch her to something different when the winds of change hit her.

::yawn:: I'm just so darned bored with the same ol' food day and night....

Leave it to Daisy. Our previous dog ate whatever was put in front of her, but Daisy’s got quite the sophisticated palate. 😉

Daisy was enjoying a beef-based dry dog food for months, when she suddenly started turning her nose up at it. Turned out she’d decided it was too dry for her. I found this out on a whim, when I added water just to see what would happen.

She scarfed it down as if it were a fresh roast.

Now that another few months have gone by, Daisy’s Finicky Gourmet Palate has struck again. We’d put her food down and she’d just sit there, staring at us as if to say, “That again? You expect me to eat that?”

Vets always seem to say that if a dog gets finicky and refuses to eat her food, you should just leave it there for 20 minutes to half an hour and then remove it. They’ll eat their next meal because they’ll be hungry.

Not Daisy. When she goes on a hunger strike, she won’t budge. She’d rather starve to death than give in. You should see the theatrics!

So we made a trip to our local dog store to see what we could find. Wow, were we ever happy to see that they had an abundance of trial-size dog foods that they were giving away for free! The owner was very knowledgeable and helped us sort through the dozens of brands and flavors – she ended up filling a shopping bag with everything from lamb, beef, venison, pork, and bison-based foods to vegan varieties. All organic, and all quite different from each other.

Now that's MUCH better! Smells more like "people food"! 🙂

We still have 16 pounds left of a very large bag of dog food we’d purchased on sale, stupidly thinking Daisy would always like it. Hah! No way were we going to toss that much expensive food out, so I rifled through the samples we’d brought home and found one organic brand that was dehydrated – you just add water, wait 3-5 minutes, and voila! Instant dog food.

What we didn’t like was that there was no chewing necessary. Except for a few veggie slices, the stuff was like oatmeal and could be eaten easily by a toothless granpup. 😉 Daisy doesn’t do well with moist dog foods in the “aftermath” – I’m sure I don’t need to explain! BUT – it was very flavorful.  We could tell just from sniffing it that it was well seasoned – the garlic aroma was evident.

So I got the idea to mix a small bit of reconstituted food into Daisy’s regular food just until we finish the rest of this big bag. Success! She gobbled it up like it was Thanksgiving dinner!

And since we’re just putting a little bit into her food, these trial-sized bags of dehydrated food will last a long time. Now, instead of Daisy refusing to eat, she practically watches the clock – around 5:00, she starts pacing around, then comes in and stares holes in me.

So now we have a happy puppy again. One very small drawback for us, though – she actually does end up with tiny garlic breath…. 😉

Lesson learned, though – we’ll never invest in 30 pounds of dog food with this picky eater again!


Daisy’s Easter Treat

Easter was bountiful and fun here in the Daisy household – we hope yours was too!

Our traditional roast lamb and potatoes.

As a rule, we don’t give Daisy any table food. There are plenty of reasons for this, one of which being that she has a sensitive tummy and we never know what might set it off.

As a young puppy, we discovered that she was allergic to chicken – both actual chicken and dog food made with chicken. (Which is kind of weird since she can eat eggs with no problem.)  She got a nasty rash on her belly from chicken dog food, and real chicken made her….shall we say, extremely aromatic, and in such a bad way that it made everyone want to leave the house.

She eats a beefy dog food now with no problem, but the one we use was only at one store locally and is no longer available, so once we reach the end of this bag, we’ll have to switch.

We thought we might want to move to a lamb dog food (no reason in particular), but we wanted to make sure lamb wouldn’t upset that delicate little Daisy tummy. So on Easter Sunday, Daisy got quite a treat – five small pieces of roast lamb from our Easter dinner.

If I say that I couldn’t even get the camera in focus before she vacuumed up those five pieces, I wouldn’t be exaggerating! They disappeared without any chewing at all – zip! – just like that. And no bad after-effects either!


She also got another treat. DD had a strawberry Italian ice and decided to let Daisy lick the inside of the cup afterward. As you can see, she just immersed her face in that cup and didn’t surface until DD pulled the cup away! It was spotless!

This was Daisy’s first Easter, and we felt particularly blessed to have her join our celebration. 🙂

One contentedly pooped Easter puppy.


Daisy Hates Emeril!

I usually make my own broths, but I didn’t have time yesterday to whip up a vegetable broth so I could use it in a new recipe. (We love trying new foods, so I made a dish called Spicy Ethiopian Red Lentil Stew – it’s vegan, very healthful, and served over Basmati rice – and it was delicious!)

Anyway, I bought a container of Emeril’s organic vegetable broth and set it on the kitchen counter. Daisy was playing around on that side of the kitchen for a while, when about 10 minutes later, out of the clear blue, I hear the sound of panicky doggy claws racing in place, trying to make a mad escape from some Dreaded Foe.

I turned around and saw her legs racing, trying desperately to get traction on the wood floor, ears disappeared behind her head, and her eyes open so wide in horror that I thought the Devil himself was behind her. I wish I could have had a picture of that!

She finally got traction and ran into the family room. Then she came cautiously back into the kitchen, stretching her neck like a giraffe to peek around the pantry and starting a major high-pitched, angry barking campaign directed right at the Emeril package on the counter. I thought it was just another case of That Which Did Not Belong, but this was a different type of barking. And her antics were different too – a few barking steps aggressively forward, followed by a race back out of the room.

This played out over and over and over again. I finally put the package out of her sight. Later, I took it out again, which restarted the whole frenzy even though I was holding the package. I said “Nice package. See? It’s okay” over and over, to no avail. She wasn’t having any of it.

The cautious sniff...

So I put it on the floor and got the camera. One cautious sniff and she was off again. This has never happened with anything before, the only difference is the picture of Emeril on the front. Hmmmmm…..

I think Daisy hates Emeril!

I will NOT come any closer to That Thing!!


The Seed is Always Sweeter on the Other Side of the Bird Feeder

We finally have a true winter in the northeast, with lots of snow, ice, and freezing rain. Temps below the freezing mark for many days in a row – no wimpy winter this year!

Light snow today, followed by a Nor’easter tomorrow through Thursday with “significant” accumulations.

Yesterday had below zero wind chills.

As a result, the winter birds are looking for food, since so many of their usual sources remain buried in snow or are encased in ice. So we keep our bird feeder filled, and in return, they give us the beauty of their presence.

I knew it was going to be a rough winter back in fall, when I saw the squirrels’ bodies beefing up beyond their normal winter fullness and their tails thicker than ever.

And the birds were getting fatter and fatter in preparation for the long winter months ahead. While the weather forecasters predicted a mild winter, Nature knew differently.

The perches on our 4-perch bird feeder are constantly filled with birds and there’s a waiting line! One bird waits its turn on the squirrel baffle, one on top of the feeder, another on top of the pole, a bunch in the tree branches watching and waiting. Another dozen or so pecking at the fallen seed on the ground, just waiting for an opening above.

Waiting their turn...with a dozen more on the ground and more in the trees

But the puzzling thing is: when there’s plenty of food in every trough, why do they always have to move to another perch and pull food from that side? Why is the seed always sweeter on the other side of the bird feeder?

Sometimes they even go so far as to push another bird off its perch so they can taste the delicacies around the corner. Other times, when there are fewer “customers” at the Avian Diner (LOL!), they go from perch to perch, around and around the feeder, sampling morsels from each.

It’s all the same stuff. Wild Bird Food. Period.

I’ve noticed that the female cardinal’s colors are suddenly getting brighter on her neck and under her tail; even her beak seems to be a brighter orange.

Deep winter blesses us with abundant beauty.


Thanksgiving Tips: Keep Your Dog Healthy!

We all like to include our dogs in our holiday festivities, but many well-intentioned dog lovers and their equally well-intentioned guests have unintentionally hurt their loyal canine companions by “treating” them to some Thanksgiving goodies. This can result in making dogs sick or causing unhealthy weight gain; and before you say “it’s just one day out of the year”, remember that at least two more “food holidays” are coming up over the next month, not to mention all the pre-holiday parties!

I think I'll stick to my turkey dog food and curl up with a good toy!

DogChannel.com has a wonderful article about keeping dogs safe on Thanksgiving, and besides cautioning dog owners about feeding dogs “people food”, it also covers things like making sure candles are out of your dog’s way and securing trash bins so Spot doesn’t feast on your guests’ castoffs and hurt himself on trashed bones.

It’s a short article, but packed with great information!

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