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The Good, Crazy, & Adorable Life of One Havachon Puppy

Havachon Hair Fashionista

This was before my first haircut. ::sigh:: I'm gonna need some mousse for this thing....

This silly puppy emphasizes her girlyness all the time – she has a thing about her hair just like human girls do!

After playing for a while, Daisy will preen the long hair on her tail, seemingly trying to straighten the curls and waves into some kind of order. She’ll actually grab the long hairs sticking off the end of her tail and pull them straight with her teeth over and over again, until they comply. Then she studies them to decide if they’re organized well enough.

Much better now!

When DD uses a flat iron to straighten her hair (curly hair runs through our whole family, so Daisy’s definitely one of us!), Daisy watches her intently as if she’s figuring out just how to do that.

Funny little puppy!


LOVIN’ That Camera!


I'm ready for my close-up!

If this dog was human, she’d be a celeb for sure. She just LOVES being the center of attention! Just point a camera at her and – BAM – she freezes like a fashion model on a shoot. “Strike the pose” could be her tag line! And she’ll stay frozen in place until she hears the “click” of the camera, then she continues going about her business.

Only once did she get fed up with all the camera flashes; after several pictures, she grumbled a bit, got a really funny look on her face, and then turned her back to us! We thought this was pretty funny so we went in front of her, pointed the camera, and lo and behold she turned her back again, as if to say, “Enough is enough! I’m sick of all these flashes leaving spots in front of my eyes!”

So we decided to see what would happen if we turned our photographic attention elsewhere – we took a few pictures of some pretty birds at the bird feeder in our yard. She came trotting in, analyzed the situation for a bit, then decided we’d paid enough attention to these outsiders and pulled some of her attention-getting schemes: yapping…when that didn’t work she tried jumping…when that didn’t work she whined…when that didn’t work she got frustrated, grabbed a toy and raced like a lunatic around the family room, doing her short-burst growls the whole time. She was clearly frustrated at the lack of attention she was getting!

When we eventually turned the camera back to her, she went back to posing, having decided that too much attention is better than no attention at all. Whoever says animals are dumb never had many dealings with animals!

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