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First the Earthquake; Now We’re Bracing For Hurricane Irene

Nervous? You bet I am!

Earlier this week we had the effects of the DC earthquake, now we’re prepping for a hurricane. This isn’t supposed to happen in the northeast!

I live not far from one of the the shorelines where Hurricane Irene is scheduled to hit Saturday night into Sunday with Force 2 strength.

Our governor has already evacuated a southern county in our state, and now he’s considering evacuating ours.

So I checked the government website with all the information about evacuation preparedness – did you know that animals other than seeing eye dogs are NOT permitted in emergency shelters? I sure didn’t.

Part of me says to stay put, the other part says DRIVE WEST. To another state out of Irene’s reach.

I don’t think DH is going for the idea. So I guess we’ll hunker down, bring in the patio furniture, take in the plants, and pray.

I’m most worried about DD and DH’s cars that will be sitting in the driveway – experts say that cars can be overturned in 115 mph winds, which we’re supposed to have. Not sure what to do about that; I mean, what if they come crashing into the house?!

Anyway, my blogging friends, I hope to see you all next week. They’re predicting 3-4 days without power at the very least, so I may not see you all for a while.

Let’s just hope we’re still here! ::shudder::


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