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Daisy’s Summer Park Romp

This weekend we took Daisy for a mile-long walk around the lake in a local municipal center. Naturally, she was VERY happy to be going for a ride….

I don't know where we're going, but I can't wait to get there!

….and VERY excited at the sight of a new place to explore….

It’s such a beautiful place – the Town Hall and Police Department are housed in a classically-styled, unimposing brick building, and they’ve kept the area natural (other than keeping the grass mowed) and let nature do its beautiful thing.

Well we picked one of a string of brutally hot days for this walk (heat index of 102+) – the trail is mostly in the sun. Even though we got out there by 9:30, it was already getting nasty.

So we decided to quit after the single one-mile loop around the lake, especially since Daisy was panting up a storm.

The bullfrogs croaked their love calls, turtles jumped and splashed into the lake, dragonflies flitted about, birds of all sorts created a cacophonous melody, and ducks and geese  floated serenely across water muddied by recent storms.

It was sheer heaven, despite the heat. Daisy loved every second of it as much as we did!

What's over there? Let's check it out!


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