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The Good, Crazy, & Adorable Life of One Havachon Puppy

It’s Never a Good Sign When Things Get Too Quiet….

You know how it is. You’re going merrily along through your day when all of a sudden – ::thunder clap:: – you realize things are a bit TOO quiet in the house.

Daisy. Where is she?

She’s not at my feet or on the sofa. I don’t hear any chewing sounds. Now I know there’s trouble in Daisyville.

That’s when I start racing through the house calling her. When there’s no puppy bounding toward me from who-knows-where, I start cringing inside at what I might find. So far that’s included:

  • A Q-tip with cotton swabs missing and a badly chewed plastic stem.
  • Missing chunks of sheetrock from our bathroom remodeling.
  • Daisy’s first (and only) bed with the entire bottom ripped to shreds.
  • Bathroom trash delicately and deliberately spread about like a trail of breadcrumbs.
  • Clean laundry removed from the laundry basket (forcing a rewash).
  • Small accent rugs scattered hither and yon.
  • A chewed computer wire.
  • A flash drive cap, partially chewed.
  • Things chewed beyond recognition. MANY times.

    Daisy, 5 months old, in the bed she liked so much, she shredded it in true Destructo-Pup style.

Sometimes we find the little culprit in the act. You always know when Daisy’s caught doing something naughty because she gives us her version of blushing – she stays perfectly still, and only her eyes follow us. That’s when we know to root around in her mouth to find whatever she’s hiding. And, in typical thug style, many times she’s moved it between her teeth and cheek so it’s hard for us to find.

Either that or she’ll turn her back and run, chomping away like crazy to get the thing swallowed before we can catch her. That happened this past weekend with a long, thin, splintery stick. But this time we won.

I’m just glad that so far, nothing serious has happened. Things can be replaced; Daisy can’t.

When your dog turns into 007, what’s the sneakiest thing he/she has done?


Another Tuffie Toy Bites The Dust

Well it didn’t take long. The Tiger Tested Tuffie Toy has succumbed to a 15 pound Havachon. Yet again.

The beginning of the end for this Tuffie toy.

This toy lasted all of several weeks. And it’s a Level 9 Tuffie – they only go up to Level 10! Somehow I don’t hold out much hope for that last level either. I don’t think I’ll waste another $11-$15+ for 7 weeks of “fun”.

Tuffie toys are billed as being “the most durable dog toys”. This doesn’t give us much hope for any future toys.

At this rate, I expect that over the course of Daisy’s life, we’ll spend more on her toys than on her vet bills and dog food bills combined!

As usual, little Daisy worked at finding – or creating – the toy’s one weak spot, then she went after it like she was on a mission for MI5. She goes into a super-focused attack on a spot once she hears that first rip, eyes open wide, ears alert, little front teeth clamping and pulling, the world blocked out. She’s like a starving wild dog making its first kill in weeks.

You can't take my Tuffie away! I have more destruction to wreak on it!

Yet we can take the toy away from her without a problem; she just gives us a disappointed look. But while she’s got hold of it, she’s “in The Zone”. World class chess players should have such an intense focus!

We should have just named her Destructo.


Havachon Philosophy: Leave No Toy Unmauled

These razor-sharp teeth of Daisy’s are costing us a small fortune in dog toys! In one month she totally destroyed a NylaBone, which took our large dog months to get through. I guess small dogs must have sharper teeth than large ones, because I recall our large dog having BIG teeth but they didn’t tear through toys like razor wire.

In the 2-1/2 months we’ve had her, Daisy has also destroyed:

Toys are my LIFE! 🙂

~ Her favorite stuffed squeaky giraffe

~ A “barbell” made specifically to withstand sharp puppy teeth (uh-huh…)

~ A “strong” twisted denta-rope recommended by someone who also has a small dog with sharp teeth (apparently he doesn’t know how sharp teeth can really be!)

~ A tennis ball (she pulled all the fuzz off it with her tiny front teeth, working at it intensely as if it was a required exercise)

~ A teething bone with 3 different textures for teeth and gums (that was supposed to be “tough” but only lasted a whole 3 weeks)

~ A squeaky chicken (she pulled the stopper and then the squeaker out, essentially gutting the poor thing)

…and three or four more that I can’t remember now, they went into the trash SO fast!

We just bought a Tuffie Toy, which is supposed to have 9 different “security layers” (our phrase, not theirs!) and they’ve supposedly been tested on tigers. Well, tigers have HUGE teeth and powerful jaws, but I don’t know if their teeth are like razors. We’ll see what happens when we give it to her, as soon as she destroys her new favorite toy….a squeaky, squishy platypus. The tail’s already gone, so it won’t be long now…. 😦


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