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How Daisy Says “I Love You”

It’s those tender little moments between human and dog when you know you’re feeling the exact same thing.


Those special little moments when Daisy climbs up on my lap, ears limp, eyes big, tail wagging. She looks up at me with those big brown eyes, so soft and loving that it floods me with warmth. I become mush.

She cuddles on my lap, curling herself up into a tight little ball, nestled perfectly. Then she puts her head into the crook of my arm as I hug her, her paw on top of my arm as if to say, “Don’t ever let go.”

I give her a light squeeze and tell her Mommy will always love her. She tenderly looks up into my eyes for a long time, as if understanding the sentiment and returning it in the only way she knows how.

She rests her head on my chest, getting as close as she can get. I stroke her gently with my cheek on her head, and she sighs, long and deep.

There’s nothing in the world like the love of a dog.


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