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Monday Mischief: Daisy’s New Cuddle Buddy

Is it really mischief if it’s cute and sweet?

This morning I heard the sound of something being dragged down the hallway with a happy trot, and I knew Daisy was up to something. I was working on my computer at the dining room table, and I turned around and saw this:

I know I'm not supposed to take clothes from the laundry bin, but....can I just have this? Pleeeeze???

I know I’m not supposed to take clothes from the laundry bin, but….can I just have this? Pleeeeze???

At first I thought she was going to treat it like a sock and chew the heck out of it, but instead, this happened:

::contented sigh:: ....thank you....

::contented sigh:: ….thank you….

Well how can anyone say no to a pup who just wants to be closer to her mommy?

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Monday Mischief blog hop


Monday Mischief: Daisy Loses Face

Have you ever seen a faceless puppy? Well, apparently we now have one.

This is Daisy’s new favorite snuggle position, especially now that the weather’s getting cooler. She curls up and tucks in every part of herself that she can, including her little face.

Where did that sweet little face go? And how does she breathe in there??

Now she does almost this every single time she snoozes. It’s probably a way for her to stay warmer, but I think it serves a double purpose….she knows she won’t be blinded by the camera flash!

Hehehe….aren’t I the sly one! No camera flashes for me!

If we didn’t know any better, we’d think she was just a big mass of hair mixed in with some blankets!

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Daisy the Contented Couch Cuddler

Spring poked its head out for a couple of days here in the northeast, but it’s been overpowered by winter again. We had

::sigh:: It doesn't get better than this.

light snow for the past two days, and temps start out in the 20s and don’t move much past the 30s.

Huh….a juxtaposition of daffodils with snow on their heads and freezing temps – weird, isn’t it ?

So I thought I’d make this post cozy and warm to take the chill out of this March day. Cocoa, fleece, and Daisy – what could be cozier? 🙂

Daisy is, above all else, a couch cuddler. Yes, she loves chewing and destroying toys, but her Number One favorite activity is cuddling on the couch. And she likes it best if one of us is there with her – she’ll rearrange herself into the oddest contortions sometimes just so that part of her is touching us or, better yet, resting on us, even if it looks like her spine is bent out of whack. (Which, of course, worries the mommy in me.)

So to warm up this freezing cold early spring day, I’m filling myself up with cocoa and filling this post up with Daisy’s

There's nothing better than a good lap cuddle.


Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

A good cuddle always leads to a good nap.








Okaaayyy....whatever makes her happy!





Squished between 2 people AND cuddled! I'm one lucky puppy!


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