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Monday Mischief – Daisy On High

Look where I found Crazy Daisy last week!

Uh ohhh.....they caught me.....

Yup, she’s perched on top of the sofa. Not on the seat cushions – on the sofa back. She’s balanced between the hard frame and the removable cushions – not an easy task.

Why, you may ask, would Daisy choose to leap up there and risk breaking her leg rather than enjoy the soft cushions, blankets, and multiple pillows below her? Answer: The Lure Of The Pillow.

The one pillow that was separated from the rest. The small pillow was inadvertently left on top of the back cushion. To Daisy, this is irresistible – there must be something special about that pillow if it gets the highest ground.

If I look away and act nonchalant, maybe they won't notice me....

If it was safe for Daisy up there, we wouldn’t mind. But there’s just enough space between the sofa and the wall that she could easily get stuck and break a leg or even a hip; plus the cushions aren’t attached to the sofa, so this balancing act she’s doing is pretty risky.

Pushing the sofa back against the wall isn’t really an option for a number of reasons, so we’ll just have to remember never to leave a pillow up there again.

You have to take special precautions when you have such a mischievous little pup! 😀

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Wordless Wednesday….With an Explanation….

I hesitated when posting this because of the obvious mess on our sofa. But then I thought, My blog buddies are great, they won’t tell the rest of the world. LOL 😉

I threw caution – and embarrassment – to the wind and decided to share this funny photo with you all….with an explanation.

We don’t usually look like this. No, really.

But we do cover the sofa with a sheet when no one’s coming over to protect the fabric from Daisy’s nails (that big light green thing). On this chilly Saturday, we were lounging around with throws and pillows everywhere. That’s the mess you see.

We had no intention of documenting our mess in pictures until we left the room and came back to find little Miss Daisy on TOP of the sofa, where she’s never tried to go before.

Why would she jump up there, you might ask? Because her favorite fake fur blanket was up there, of course! And we all know how much she LOVES piles of pillows and blankets!

But Mom, how else could I reach my favorite blanket??

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Daisy the Contented Couch Cuddler

Spring poked its head out for a couple of days here in the northeast, but it’s been overpowered by winter again. We had

::sigh:: It doesn't get better than this.

light snow for the past two days, and temps start out in the 20s and don’t move much past the 30s.

Huh….a juxtaposition of daffodils with snow on their heads and freezing temps – weird, isn’t it ?

So I thought I’d make this post cozy and warm to take the chill out of this March day. Cocoa, fleece, and Daisy – what could be cozier? 🙂

Daisy is, above all else, a couch cuddler. Yes, she loves chewing and destroying toys, but her Number One favorite activity is cuddling on the couch. And she likes it best if one of us is there with her – she’ll rearrange herself into the oddest contortions sometimes just so that part of her is touching us or, better yet, resting on us, even if it looks like her spine is bent out of whack. (Which, of course, worries the mommy in me.)

So to warm up this freezing cold early spring day, I’m filling myself up with cocoa and filling this post up with Daisy’s

There's nothing better than a good lap cuddle.


Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

A good cuddle always leads to a good nap.








Okaaayyy....whatever makes her happy!





Squished between 2 people AND cuddled! I'm one lucky puppy!


Sofa Wars Lost – We Met The Enemy, And We Are Theirs

We’ve lost the Sofa Wars. Officially.

Nothing beats some soft throws and a good couch!

Actually, we surrendered. Willingly.

All the training books tell us that dogs should only be allowed on furniture when invited. We followed that directive to the letter for months. Months.

Daisy didn’t.

Most of the time she stayed on the floor, but every couple of days we’d find her quietly lying on the sofa, all snuggled up in the various throws. (We’re big on throws – we LOVE nestling underneath them! So why wouldn’t Daisy?) It was adorable!

We always felt so bad making her get down from her warm, snuggly perch; after all, part of a Havachon’s natural instinct is to find the highest point and survey her turf from above, making sure all is well in Havachon-land. Finally, we thought – “Hey, what are we fighting for? We like her up here, this works for us, why can’t we bend the rules a bit?”

How can we deny her this one little luxury?

So we did. We bent them into a pretzel. (I’m sorry, Jan Fennell! I lose one gold star!) Qualifier (aka “excuse”): I believe in picking my battles; whether with dogs, kids, or other adults, I feel it’s only necessary to fight the good fight in the face of serious wrong-doing or potential harm. This was neither.

BUT – there is a payoff from all that original rule-enforcement: when one of us is on the sofa, she never comes up without “asking permission” first. She sits on the floor near us with those perky ears raised and big brown eyes boring a hole through us. When we look at her, she rears up on her hind legs and glances from us to the sofa a couple of times. Then if we say, “Okay, come on up” and tap the sofa, up she comes, one happy little Havachon. But if we say, “No, down”, she backs off, gives us a few annoyed grumbles, and retreats to her blanket refuge.

Seriously, you can't BUY contentment like this! 🙂

Works for us! 🙂


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