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Monday Mischief – Taking Liberties

Apparently there’s a page in every pup’s built-in Doggy Handbook that states: “Whenever your human allows you to go somewhere you’re normally not allowed, you forever and always have the right to access that place at will. Once humans give you an inch, they have forfeited all rights to refusal.”

I’m sure it says that because Daisy has taken that page to heart; she lives her life by it. It has become part of The Gospel According to Daisy.

Here’s one example.

We don’t spend much time in our living room; the family room is where we usually go to read, watch TV, etc. The living room has become more of a space used for larger party overflow. Consequently, Daisy has never had any interest in the chairs or sofa in there.

Until DH, for some reason, decided to read a book in there and he invited Daisy up on the couch to sit with him. After that, the couch became Daisy’s territory, presumably when she wants a change of scenery or when we’re all at different ends of the house and she wants to plant herself centrally to watch the comings and goings.

Why do you look so surprised? You're the one who invited me up here in the first place!

A couple of weeks later, DH was waiting for DD and me to get ready so we could all go out together. He sat in the white wing-back chair and put Daisy on his lap. A few days later, I lost Daisy in the house again. Turns out she was sitting in that chair – watching me run around the house like a nut, calling her name and looking for her – with an expression of total amusement on her face.

That chair has now been added to Daisy’s ever-growing list of home hangouts.

Caught! I'll just freeze here - maybe she'll think I'm a toy....

I'll just sit down slowly and overpower her with my hypnotic stare....

Ah ha ha! I win!

Moral of the story: Give a Havachon one little liberty, and she’ll assume control of the entire house!

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