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Daisy’s Silly Cone Impersonations

Daisy seems to have resigned herself to wearing the cone. She’s being a really good sport about it and even waits patiently while DD puts the cone on her.

Along with her positive attitude, she’s entertaining us with some fun “impersonations”. Like….

Daisy the Funnel

Just drop a carrot slice down here, I have a great funnel system to catch all food!

Just drop a carrot slice down here, I have a great funnel system to catch all food!

Daisy the Headless Horseman

Heehee! You can't see me!

Heehee! You can’t see me!

Daisy the Ghostly Glow



Daisy the Collector
(I don’t even want to tell you the things the velcro on that cone picks up and drags around the house!)

Where’d that sock go???

Sound Amplifier Daisy

Hey! Now I can pinpoint exactly where that birdie tweet is coming from!

Hey! Now I can pinpoint exactly where that birdie tweet is coming from!

Daisy the Bulldozer – I don’t have a video of this, but Daisy uses her cone to crash her way through anything and anyone! If one of us is standing in a doorway and Daisy wants to get through, she plows between our leg and the door frame, gets jammed up, and just keeps pushing forward like a wind-up toy with every ounce of little Havachon strength until we move aside for her. She does the same thing with furniture pieces that are too close to allow her cone through. Maybe I should call her Daisy the Cone Bully!



Monday Mischief: The Dreaded CONE Has Appeared!!

Oh yes, it happened. The Cone of Shame has taken up residency in our home.

Daisy started licking at her stitches, and the vet happened to call to check up on her shortly after. We told her about it, and she said, “GET A CONE IMMEDIATELY!” So off DD went in search of a “comfy cone” – a soft cone that allows a dog to lie down comfortably without having a stiff foreign object around her head.

But of course, things are never that simple with Miss Daisy.

Just the opposite of the way she hangs her head and refuses to pick it up when we put a hooded coat on her, when the dreaded cone was put on, she raised her head skyward and refused to bring it back down. Like she thought she was wearing a sky funnel.

You're not serious with this thing?!

You’re not serious with this thing?!

Ever try getting a dog into a crate with their coned head sticking up like a giant flower? Daisy got stuck in the doorway hobbling in and got stuck hobbling out again.

When we got home from our brief outing, we found Daisy resting her chin on one of the crate bars rather than trying to lie flat like she usually does.

That's no halo, that's the cone's reflective edge!

That’s no halo, that’s the cone’s reflective edge!

Our solution is to start using our last dog’s crate; as she was close to 60 pounds, it’s a much bigger crate and will be far more comfortable for Daisy during her head-coned period.

There's a dog in there somewhere.....

There’s a dog in there somewhere….. She refused to lower her head!

Aside from that, I think Daisy’s coming along well. Of course she still can’t move around, but she’s starting to want to move around, which I think is a good sign. One of us has to always be sitting by her side to stop her from jumping up when she hears a sound that sets her off – she doesn’t realize her own limitations. However, she’s still experiencing some pain and we still have to give her pain meds when she needs them, but at least now we know what her pain signs are.

We’re finally back in the Monday Mischief Blog Hop!


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