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Daisy’s Favorite Work Station

Daisy loves work. She loves computers. She loves them because when DD works from home once a week, Daisy has an easy time mushying her way into DD’s lap. All she has to do is put that teddy bear face on, and DD’s a goner.

Look! There's a new email!

Look! There’s a new email!

Daisy can get a couple of hours of lap time on a particularly good day (ie, a day when DD is particularly susceptible to Daisy’s charms).

You dictate, I'll type.

You dictate, I’ll type.

And other times it’s all about the cuddling, which can make any Havachon nice and sleepy.



I don’t know who’s happier, Daisy or DD! 😀


Mommy’s Monday Mischief: Oh No She Didn’t!

But yes, she did.

Mommy used me as a mouse pad! Me, a perfectly good Havachon puppy. I kid you not.

I’m a dog, Mommy! I’m not a computer accessory!

On Thursday, the kitchen installers finally came back to install the right cabinets. We’ve been without a functional kitchen for 2 weeks now because of their measurement mistakes, and my family was getting quite put out about it.

Mommy set up her work computer in the family room, and she and I stayed in there with the doggy gate blocking the doorway so I couldn’t run through the sawdust or play with the installers. (I still don’t get that – it sounds like so much fun!)

They made SO much noise and they were right in the next room, so I could see them moving around. Well, how could I help but bark and complain? It’s my job!

Mommy knows that I’m comforted by lying on her lap, so she let me lie on her while she worked on her computer – that made me nice and calm and quiet. I thought she was multitasking – petting me while working – but then I heard a click-click-click sound….and it was coming from me!

She was working on her computer and using me as her mouse pad!

Hey, I thought you were petting me! What’s that thing you’re rolling around on my back?!

I think Mommy is the mischief maker this week, don’t you?

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Destructo-Pup Meets The Computer Wire

Thank goodness it wasn’t plugged in!

Destructo-Pup strikes again

We should have known that something was wrong. We were at one end of the house, and Daisy was nowhere to be seen. We were so wrapped up in what we were doing that no one noticed the glaring absence of…..Destructo-Pup. [Insert dark musical strains of foreboding here. ;)]

As I came down the hallway and went around the corner, I saw Daisy standing in the middle of the kitchen, somewhat oddly. Normally she would be following me around, lying on the sofa (taking full advantage of her newly-acquired sofa rights!) or watching out the back window, but for her to be just standing there like a statue in the middle of the kitchen alerted me immediately that something was amiss.

And then there was that guilty look on her face…..

I said, “Oh no, what did you do!” She just stood there, frozen. The final and most telling sign that she’d done something BAD. Frozen Pup.

Under all that cuteness lies her evil twin personality, Destructo-Pup.

I looked around the family room and there it was – the computer wire was on the floor and had been chewed to within an inch of its life. Dennis The Menace – meet your canine counterpart!

And what makes it even worse – my computer battery is dead. I mean dead, as in it has no power and can’t be charged. I need a new one, and they have to be ordered through the mail. Do I really want to spend the extra $$ on a battery for a 4 year old computer?

Fortunately DD still has her old laptop and its cord miraculously fit into mine, so I’ve been using that instead. But we now keep all wires out of Destructo-Pup’s reach, except for those attached to table lamps, which are of constant concern to me. Ugh.

Pretty soon we’re going to have everything piled on top of tables, and the tables will all be made of titanium!


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