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Thursday Barks and Bytes: Warm Winter Havachon

We were shocked to discover that Daisy outgrew her winter coat! Naturally, we only found this out during the first snowstorm, so we needed a new one right away. DD and I couldn’t run out that day, so DH went on the errand.

You know what happens when you send a man out to get a girly coat? You tell him to look for something pink and cute, and he comes home with rugged red. “At least it’s not blue….red is closer to pink than blue is” – that’s DH’s male logic (sorry Will!)

I look like a log in this thing!

I look like a log in this thing!

But I have to say, this puffy red coat is really nice, and it’s rated for temps as low as five degrees….who knew we’d be at -15 this year?! It’s got a cool little pocket on the back that snaps closed, and the hood, which is nice and tight to the head, can also be snapped back off the head onto the coat to keep it off the dog’s head. And there’s a drawstring at the tail end of the coat for those blustery days too.

Ack! This hood is inescapable!

Ack! This hood is inescapable!

He also got some nice boots that go all the way up the legs, which we really needed, but unfortunately he got mediums and we needed smalls. So we made due with last year’s little booties for the time being.

....I really hate boots....

….I really hate boots….

I refuse to put my bad leg down with these things on!

I refuse to put my bad leg down with these things on! (This is not a happy Havachon moment!)

The Bulldog Stance - waiting to be de-booted.

The Bulldog Stance – waiting to be de-booted.

Daisy may not appreciate being dressed in a coat and boots, but we did notice that she stays outside longer now that she’s toasty warm in her new coat and her feet are protected from the snow. And that’s a good thing!

We’re happy to be part of the new Thursday Barks and Bytes, hosted by our friends 2 Brown Dawgs and Heart Like A Dog!



“I Don’t Like Snow!”

Hi everyone! We’re finally getting back to normal around here. The holidays were crazy hectic, and not always in a good way. DD started things off with a bad head cold, followed by me getting the flu while traveling (I’m still down and out a bit), DH is now coming down with “something”, and Daisy’s tummy has been doing some nasty things for the past two weeks.

Today we’re in the grip of those frigid temps that are plaguing much of the country. Our actual temperature this morning is 3 degrees, but the wind chill makes it feel like -17! YIKES! I guess if I have to be stuck inside anyway, this is a good time for it happen. 🙂

Meanwhile, we got about 8 inches of snow the other day, and Daisy didn’t want any part of it. We had her trained so well to be an indoor/outdoor dog – she’d do her “thing” outside when we took her out on normal days, but she knew to “take care of business” on the wee-wee pad inside when the weather was really bad.

Well, not anymore. This trip seems to have completely destroyed her cross-training. Now she only wants to go outside, and if she refuses to go because of the weather, she leaves us “presents” anywhere except on the wee-wee pad. We’re trying to retrain her for indoors again, but it’s not working.

Anyway, here’s what happened after the snowfall the other day. One valiant attempt that lasted all of half a minute, and it was all over. It took longer to suit her up!

I don't want to go in the snow!

I don’t want to go in the snow!

Oh okay, I'll give it a try.

Oh okay, I’ll give it a try.

Nope, that's it! I refuse! Take me back in where it's warm and dry!

Nope, that’s it! I refuse! Take me back in where it’s warm and dry!




Daisy the Contented Couch Cuddler

Spring poked its head out for a couple of days here in the northeast, but it’s been overpowered by winter again. We had

::sigh:: It doesn't get better than this.

light snow for the past two days, and temps start out in the 20s and don’t move much past the 30s.

Huh….a juxtaposition of daffodils with snow on their heads and freezing temps – weird, isn’t it ?

So I thought I’d make this post cozy and warm to take the chill out of this March day. Cocoa, fleece, and Daisy – what could be cozier? 🙂

Daisy is, above all else, a couch cuddler. Yes, she loves chewing and destroying toys, but her Number One favorite activity is cuddling on the couch. And she likes it best if one of us is there with her – she’ll rearrange herself into the oddest contortions sometimes just so that part of her is touching us or, better yet, resting on us, even if it looks like her spine is bent out of whack. (Which, of course, worries the mommy in me.)

So to warm up this freezing cold early spring day, I’m filling myself up with cocoa and filling this post up with Daisy’s

There's nothing better than a good lap cuddle.


Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

A good cuddle always leads to a good nap.








Okaaayyy....whatever makes her happy!





Squished between 2 people AND cuddled! I'm one lucky puppy!


The Seed is Always Sweeter on the Other Side of the Bird Feeder

We finally have a true winter in the northeast, with lots of snow, ice, and freezing rain. Temps below the freezing mark for many days in a row – no wimpy winter this year!

Light snow today, followed by a Nor’easter tomorrow through Thursday with “significant” accumulations.

Yesterday had below zero wind chills.

As a result, the winter birds are looking for food, since so many of their usual sources remain buried in snow or are encased in ice. So we keep our bird feeder filled, and in return, they give us the beauty of their presence.

I knew it was going to be a rough winter back in fall, when I saw the squirrels’ bodies beefing up beyond their normal winter fullness and their tails thicker than ever.

And the birds were getting fatter and fatter in preparation for the long winter months ahead. While the weather forecasters predicted a mild winter, Nature knew differently.

The perches on our 4-perch bird feeder are constantly filled with birds and there’s a waiting line! One bird waits its turn on the squirrel baffle, one on top of the feeder, another on top of the pole, a bunch in the tree branches watching and waiting. Another dozen or so pecking at the fallen seed on the ground, just waiting for an opening above.

Waiting their turn...with a dozen more on the ground and more in the trees

But the puzzling thing is: when there’s plenty of food in every trough, why do they always have to move to another perch and pull food from that side? Why is the seed always sweeter on the other side of the bird feeder?

Sometimes they even go so far as to push another bird off its perch so they can taste the delicacies around the corner. Other times, when there are fewer “customers” at the Avian Diner (LOL!), they go from perch to perch, around and around the feeder, sampling morsels from each.

It’s all the same stuff. Wild Bird Food. Period.

I’ve noticed that the female cardinal’s colors are suddenly getting brighter on her neck and under her tail; even her beak seems to be a brighter orange.

Deep winter blesses us with abundant beauty.


Basking in the Winter Sunlight – A Havachon’s Answer to Cold Weather

We had a bright, sunny day on Sunday. Normally this wouldn’t be comment-worthy, but with all the snow and gray/white skies we’ve had so far this winter, it’s become a BIG deal when it’s sunny out!

And today we’re back to gray/white, with more snow expected tonight into tomorrow.

I’m not complaining – I LOVE snow and icicles and the way they sparkle in sunlight. When there IS sunlight!

Anyway, during our bright sunny Sunday, Daisy seemed to be here, there, and everywhere. She wasn’t interested in continuing the Sofa Wars, and she wasn’t following us around as much. I wondered what was up with all her little disappearances, so I tracked her movements a bit, and here’s what I found:

Ahhhh, it's much toastier here!

She was following the sunlight through the house, as it moved from room to room, basking in its warmth! She seems to have learned that once the sun leaves one room, it shows up in another, and she just followed it down the hall, going from one room to another, soaking up all its glorious but all-too-short-lived warmth.

Aren’t canine instincts amazing? 🙂

Happiness is squinty puppy eyes in the warmth of winter sun!


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