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I’m a HAVACHON, Not a Clothes HOUND!

Just for fun, I thought I’d put together a little collage of photos that illustrate Daisy’s opposition to being a Clothes Hound.  (Granny, I know you don’t like to see her embarrassed, but it’s just so cute!! 😉  )

I'm so embarrassed.....

What kind of a home have I gotten into, anyway???

I can't see a thing!!

If she could, she’d probably carry a big sign reading, “I’m a HAVACHON, not a clothes HOUND”!

Now this is just ridiculous.

Not a hat hound, eh? How about a costume instead?

You're taking Havachon humiliation to a whole new level....

I refuse to show my face while in this silly costume!

I was so happy that my pal Snoopy said I could join their Monday Mischief Blog Hop, even though this post isn’t about my mischief-making! Here’s the button:


Wordless Wednesday: Uhh, I think I’ve outgrown this sweater…..

I can't look at the camera, I'm too embarrassed....

Please take this thing off me, it's humiliating!

Have fun with today’s Blog Hop!


Daisy Likes It Messy….

As embarrassing as these photos are, I had to post them because “messy” is Daisy’s favorite state of being.

She just loves it when the pillows are randomly scattered, blankets have been left in disorder all over the sofa, or DD leaves her ultra-soft pink robe there.

But to have all three happen at once is the “Perfect Storm” for this little girl!

All these things make my nap EXTRA soft!

::snuggle snuggle snuggle::

That was gooo-oood!!


Monday Morning Chuckle – Funny Dog Costumes

We’re way past Halloween, but funny dog costumes give good giggles any time of year! This website has a collection of costumes that can even bring a smile to Mondays. There’s even a bird dressed in a tuxedo!

Enjoy, and have a happy Monday!

Those dogs look amazing, but I still like being a pumpkin!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAISY! One Year Old Yesterday!

Yes, our little Daisy crossed the milestone birthday yesterday that propelled her from Puppy Daisy to Doggy Daisy. 🙂 Just look at how much she’s grown and changed – although she still LOVES curling up on our feet!

The first photo we took of Daisy when we brought her home. She immediately curled up on my foot!

What a big girl she is now!












We celebrated by having a spa day at home. One of my friends gave Daisy a soft pink hooded bathrobe for Christmas, which almost matches DD’s robe (minus the hood).

So after a nice long walk, Daisy was treated to a lovely warm bath that gave her that sweet flowery scent we love so much. Then we put her little pink robe on her….and immediately started snapping pictures.

You all know how much Daisy hates hoods – they paralyze her with shame. LOL So what else were we to do but take pictures??!!

Not another hood!











What was of the greatest surprise to us was that once we took the hood off, she wore that robe for hours and never once tried to wrestle it off!

Her birthday was a day of cuddles and cookies; so much cuddling and petting that I guess you could put it into the “massage” category just to round out the spa theme. 😉

Today she’s full of energy and mischief. That’s what we get for all that pampering!

Daisy may have officially reached dog-hood, but she’ll always be a puppy to us.


Monday Morning Chuckle – Yorkie Becomes International Canine Supermodel!

Move aside Kate Moss – Manfred of Sweden has arrived!

And I thought those imported Irish sweaters were pricey!!

Manfred is a Yorkie who lives in Sweden but can’t handle the cold weather. So his ingenious owner designed and created a line of clothes of the same high quality and design as her own clothes, and the multi-million dollar company, Manfred of Sweden, was born.

Manfred isn’t just the inspiration for this line of canine clothing and matching bags, he’s also the model and has become the top canine supermodel of the world. Manfred of Sweden clothes are carried in only the ritziest boutiques, and they’re made with materials like lambskin, real gold, sterling silver, fine pearls, Swarovski crystals – you get the idea!

While this is nothing short of brilliance on the part of his owner, the chuckle comes to me from the prices people are willing to pay for dog clothes – how about $1,471 for the American Bag dog carrier that matches the $601 American Jacket?

Or maybe you’d like to tone it down with a $220 black retro T-shirt….

And of course, your pooch can never, but never, wear the same thing twice….  🙂


Rewind: Frozen Havachon a la Coat

Before the Big Storm, we’d just bought Daisy a new weatherproof fleece-lined coat. The hand-me-down dressy coat just wasn’t cutting it with all our snow this year. It just got soaked and weighed her down.

This is SO humiliating!

When we tried the new coat on Daisy, she froze in place. Positively froze. Wouldn’t move.

And when we put the hood on her, she lowered her head as if it weighed a ton and just stood there like a dozing cow. I got down on the floor with her, and once again she shoved her head into the crook of my arm, as if she was so embarrassed by this new contraption. (Very reminiscent of the Great Christmas Antler Humiliation!)

This is NOT a hat-loving dog!

I can't see a thing!!

Ugh! Not another hat!


Fall Fashion Havachon Style

DD loves argyle and she really wanted to put something pink on Daisy, so when we found this sweater that was the best of both worlds, we just couldn’t resist!

I love my new fall sweater!

We thought we’d have trouble getting Daisy to let us put the sweater on her, but she just loved it! We put it on her when we went to a fall festival on a chilly day, but she seemed to enjoy wearing it at home too.

Bad Vet had told us that Daisy would need to wear something indoors all the time during fall and winter, but that didn’t make a lot of sense to me. After all, Havachons have a double coat, and we’re letting Daisy’s hair grow a little longer during these cooler months.

So we double-checked with our new vet, who’s a much more down-to-earth doctor and whose opinions we respect. He said she should only wear something in the house if the house temp is 40 degrees or less, which of course it never is! He told us that if she always wears clothing, her double coat won’t come in and she’ll freeze when we take her outside during winter months. However, if it’s very cold outside and she’s going to be out for more than 15 minutes, then she should have something on to keep her warm.

Looking online, I can see lots of freebie, unchecked articles recommending dog clothes in all types of weather; many of those “writers” are actually sellers of pet clothing, so their articles serve their own purpose.

How do you know whether and when you should clothe your pet? Check with your trusted vet, he/she knows best!

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Havachon Laundry Lessons

Daisy seems to have a real affinity for laundry – after all, it’s the one thing that she always tries to pull off the sofa when it’s piled up, waiting to be folded…well, that and the fleece throws that she likes cuddling up with!

Whenever I take the laundry basket into the laundry room, there she is, trotting alongside me as if something exciting is about to happen. She watches me sort, toss, and start the washing machine as if she’s taking mental notes; then she seriously gets into part 2, when I move the clothes from the washer to the dryer. That’s her favorite part.

So I decided to teach her some lessons about how to do laundry – mostly to entertain myself, I guess! As I take each article of clothing out of the washing machine, I tell her “shake and throw” in a singsong voice, as I shake

This sure smells April fresh!

the folds out of wet pants and shirts, then throw them into the dryer. Again, she watches and listens intently – I swear one day I’m going to find her doing her own “shake and throw”!

Wouldn’t it be great if she could be taught to pick up anything that misses the dryer and falls on the floor? Like that occasional sock that just refuses to go into the dryer and falls down in front of her? She sniffs and sniffs anything that ends up in her domain (the floor), and playfully nips at pant legs that hang out of the dryer opening.

Maybe one day she can become a part-time laundress! 🙂


Laundry Thief

I'm completely innocent, I tell you!

She waits quietly, innocently even, for us to leave her alone in the family room where the clean laundry sits in a pile on a sofa, waiting to be folded.

That’s when she makes her move.

With the stealth of a master thief and the cunning of a super sleuth, she silently reaches up onto the sofa and pulls her target onto the floor. “Now,” she thinks, “now you’re all mine.”

I found Daisy yesterday surrounded on the floor by half the laundry I’d done. Socks, shirts, undies – you name it, she had it. She looked like a pirate sitting in the center of his stolen booty, pleased as she could be, nipping a sock here, a shirt there, everything getting equal play.

I scolded her and put everything back in the laundry basket to be redone, but I never got the chance to fold the rest of the laundry. I pushed it to the back of the loveseat, out of her reach…or so I thought.

Today while I was on a lengthy phone call with a friend, this little sly thing pulled her silent maneuvers again, but this time she got so excited at her find that she gave herself away. She’d pulled down a pair of socks (how she happened to end up with a matched set, I don’t know) and was doing her “new toy dance” across the floor with it. Whenever we give Daisy a new toy, she romps from one end of the family room to the other, gives it a few chews, romps back again, gives it a few more nibbles, and repeats this several times as if celebrating the newbie’s arrival.

She did this with the sock and when I heard that telltale romping, I knew something was up. I caught her in the act, romping along with ears flying and the sock streaming out behind her. I took the sock away and added the pair to the laundry basket, then went back inside. As I passed the doorway I witnessed her at work: she was stretched at full length with her paws on top of the sofa seat, stretching her neck out like a giraffe in an attempt to reach yet another piece of washed clothing.

“Down!” I yelled. She was so shocked she jumped and hasn’t tried her little ploy again….yet….

I guess I’d better go fold the remaining laundry now.

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