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Daisy, the cleaning supervisor

Shower cleaning day is not one that we look forward to. But this time it actually became fun when Daisy took an interest in helping…kibitzing…er, supervising.

Get that corner there. You know what? I need to come in there and stay on top of things...

Get that corner there. You know what? I need to come in there and stay on top of things…

Yes, that's right. Make sure you squeegee it really well now...

Yes, that’s right. Make sure you squeegee it really well now…

Don't forget this other wall here...

Don’t forget this other wall here, it’s looking pretty wet to me…

Good. Now make sure there are no streaks on the glass...

Good. Now make sure you don’t leave any streaks on the glass…

...and up on top of the door too...yes, that's right.

…and up on top of the door too…yes, that’s right.

And finish with the base. Good job!

And finish with the base. Good job!

We’re thinking of hiring her out to cleaning companies as Staff Supervisor – how do you think she’d do? 😉

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Spring Has Sprung All Over Me

This is embarrassing. And I can’t even blame it on Daisy. 😉

The good news is – spring has sprung! And here’s the proof positive:

And here’s the proof negative:

Why are there always so many more weeds than flowers? And why are they so much hardier?

Anyway, while spring is happily popping out in the garden, it’s popping out all over me indoors too. That’s the embarrassing part.

Yesterday I went into the hall closet to get a roll of paper towels from the top shelf. I’m not tall, so it’s a tippy-toe job for me. During my awkward stretch to that high shelf, I felt my arm bump a bottle of shampoo that was on the edge of the second shelf and heard it tumble to the floor.

What a character - can't you just see it in that little face?

Okay, fine. But as I crouched down to pick up the bottle, I was barraged by an avalanche of other closet goodies – bandaids, Advil, vitamin C drops, hand lotion, toothpaste – they all rained down on me like a spring shower.

Clearly, Mother Nature had vectored indoors just to give me a wake-up call that the spring cleanup awaiting me inside was as necessary as the spring cleanup awaiting me outside.

And what did my little buddy Daisy do? She took advantage of the fact that I’d been reduced to a huddled mass laughing hysterically on the floor, completely surrounded by closet contents. She charged at me like a thundering herd of buffalo. Then she couldn’t decide whether to sniff the items, jump on me, or lick me to pieces. Her tail was wildly wagging back and forth at the speed of a helicopter blade. All of which only served to make me laugh even harder.

Until afterwards, when the reality of the closet clear-out hit me, adding yet another big thing to do to my already mile-long To Do List. Ugh.

For now, the rain shower of closet contents is back in the closet, balancing precariously on the shelf again. My temporary solution is – next time I’ll just ask someone else to get a roll of paper towels. 😉


Dog Showers in the Home?!

In researching another topic, I discovered an article about dog showers – actual tiled, open shower stalls that people can have installed in their homes so Fido doesn’t track muddy paw prints across your beautiful thick pile carpet or wood floors.

Bath...shower...I don't care, I hate them all!

It’s a great idea, and for people who have the space for it, it could be a worthwhile addition. These showers are completely open in front and have detachable shower nozzles so everything’s done at ground level – no more bending over the side of the tub!

If it’s installed in a utility room with access to the outdoors, dogs never need to set foot in the main area of the home until they’re completely clean. It’s a great concept!


Havachon Laundry Lessons

Daisy seems to have a real affinity for laundry – after all, it’s the one thing that she always tries to pull off the sofa when it’s piled up, waiting to be folded…well, that and the fleece throws that she likes cuddling up with!

Whenever I take the laundry basket into the laundry room, there she is, trotting alongside me as if something exciting is about to happen. She watches me sort, toss, and start the washing machine as if she’s taking mental notes; then she seriously gets into part 2, when I move the clothes from the washer to the dryer. That’s her favorite part.

So I decided to teach her some lessons about how to do laundry – mostly to entertain myself, I guess! As I take each article of clothing out of the washing machine, I tell her “shake and throw” in a singsong voice, as I shake

This sure smells April fresh!

the folds out of wet pants and shirts, then throw them into the dryer. Again, she watches and listens intently – I swear one day I’m going to find her doing her own “shake and throw”!

Wouldn’t it be great if she could be taught to pick up anything that misses the dryer and falls on the floor? Like that occasional sock that just refuses to go into the dryer and falls down in front of her? She sniffs and sniffs anything that ends up in her domain (the floor), and playfully nips at pant legs that hang out of the dryer opening.

Maybe one day she can become a part-time laundress! 🙂


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