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Iams and Eukanuba Dog Food Recalls

Hi blog buddies! I know we’ve been pretty scarce for a little while, but our little world has been exceptionally busy. I’ve been able to squeeze in a few visits to some of your blogs, and I apologize for everything I’ve missed. I’m sure we’ll get back on track soon – I miss this reading about everyone’s adventures!

Meanwhile, I thought it was important to pass the word around about a dog and cat food recall from Iams and Eukanuba. Those of you who have subscribed to the Dog Food Advisor email notifications already know about it, but for anyone else, please check out their website and the long list of recalled dry food items that are suspected of being contaminated with Salmonella.

Hope to see you all back in the blogosphere very soon!

I'm just hangin' out with my toy until Mom gets me back into the blog world....

I’m just hangin’ out with my toy until Mom gets me back into the blog world…. Hurry up, Mom!



Monday Mischief Makers – We’re Famous!

Hey fellow Mischief Makers, guess what? Cracker Barrel has come out with a whole line of toys and ornaments in our honor:

Can you believe this?! Toys and ornaments made just for us Mischief Makers!

We discovered a whole line of toys, plushies, and ornaments being sold at Cracker Barrel exclusively in honor of cat and dog Mischief Makers – how cool is that?! We should each put one on our Christmas trees! 😀

Finally! Someone out there recognizes our Mischievous talents!

Happy Monday Mischief everyone! Grab the button below and join the blog hop! 🙂


Cats, cats, cats! Driving Daisy Crazy!

I’m on a rant today. And I know it’s not going to be popular with everyone.

We have a neighbor who adopts stray cats, feeds them, and lets them wander through the neighborhood. They have no collars or ID, and they are BIG. Really big. Much bigger than Daisy, who’s 15-20 pounds.

When those cats come by, I'll give them a piece of my mind!

They drive Daisy and other dogs in the area crazy (who in turn drive their owners crazy) when they saunter through our yards, casting narrow-eyed glances that carry an attitude akin to thumbing their noses at these poor dogs. Meanwhile, the dogs are going ballistic barking and lunging at windows and glass doors as these cats meander along, stalking birds and chipmunks, and engaging our frenzied dogs in staring contests.

And when I say these cats are BIG, I mean you could easily mistake them for small cougars. It’s freaky.

They also pee all over everyone’s landscaping, killing bushes left and right. They brazenly come up to sliding glass doors, peering in as if hoping to get more food, even though they’re fat as pigs. We can’t even leave our sliding glass doors open because our dogs might literally rip through the screen doors to get at these cats.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love animals and I believe in animal rights for any and all creatures (except spiders….yuck). It’s not the cats’ fault, it’s the owner’s. I believe that if you have cats, you should take as much responsibility for them as dog owners take for their pets. We don’t let our dogs poop in other people’s yards, so why should we have to clean up cat poop?

I have a friend with 4 cats and a cousin with 6 cats. Neither of them allows their cats to wander the neighborhoods. My friend keeps her cats indoors, and my cousin has a small area outside with super-high fencing that the cats can’t climb. She planned it out so there are no trees they can use as ladders either. That’s what I’m talking about – responsibility for their pets and respect for their neighbors.

Even the Taunting Squirrel isn't as bad as Daisy's reaction to the cats.

Several years ago, one neighbor circulated a petition to have this inconsiderate neighbor keep her cats restricted to her property. Everyone, and I mean everyone, signed it, and within a couple of months, the cats were no longer to be seen. Now there’s a new batch.

I might add that this inconsiderate neighbor’s house is the armpit of the area. Everyone here takes pride in the appearance of their properties….all except her. Both inside and out is a pigsty.

Her carpets are urine-stained. When the cats are indoors, she lets them sleep in pots in her kitchen cabinets, and I’ve seen her use those pots directly after chasing a cat out, without even washing it first. That was years ago, before I realized what a terrible person she was. I certainly haven’t been in there since. Oh, I could tell you stories that go far beyond the cat issue and border on the criminal….

Anyway, I don’t want to punish the cats for the inconsideration of their owner. Does anyone know of a way to deter cats from coming into a yard (our yards are big – about an acre) or at least a way to keep them away from landscape bushes and plants?

Rant officially over. For now.


National Pet Cancer Awareness Month

Just a quick post to make all animal lovers and pet owners aware that there are some things you can do to help prevent cancer in your pets.

Read this important article at Dog Channel for nine ways to prevent canine cancer – these strategies can be used by cat owners too.

More to come on this topic next week.

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Bad Vet Chalks Up More Victims

Before we found our current vet, another vet was recommended to us by a friend, who still uses him. He’s part of a veterinary hospital chain, and before he nearly killed our puppy, we’d never even heard of chain vets.

I'm so happy we don't go to Bad Vet anymore!

We know of several patients at our new vet’s office who also left Bad Vet (and the office staff tells us there are many more) – a few were botched spay surgeries, and others were illnesses that Bad Vet didn’t bother diagnosing, so the dogs and cats were getting progressively worse while this joke of a vet just stood by and collected their money every time they brought their sick pet in.

How could he be so heartless and uncaring?

My friend still uses Bad Vet, and her dog nearly died recently too. Her dog was vomiting violently around the clock for two days straight, could hardly walk, trembled, and had no interest in anything. Not typical of this normally energetic Jack Russell.

She took her dog in after the first bout, and Bad Vet said he could alter the dog’s medication (she’s on an anti-anxiety med and something else for hyperactivity), which didn’t work at all. After the second bout, she took the dog in again, and Bad Vet said there was nothing he could do.

This is exactly what we heard him tell another patient, an elderly man dearly attached to his cat, who he was now told was going to die. He held that cat close as he walked out of the vet’s office, his head bowed down and tears streaming down his face at the morbid diagnosis. I wish I could have found that man after we left Bad Vet and told him to get a second opinion – his long-time companion may have been saved.

My friend took her dog in to see a different vet, and lo and behold, it turned out that her dog has an enlarged esophagus and had to be fed in an upright position to help the food go down. Miracle of miracles, her dog is fine now and running around like a puppy again.

So simple. But a vet has to care enough to diagnose a dog, not just give up on it.

Just like with our own doctors, we need to ask questions of veterinarians, get second and third opinions, and do our research. Just because someone has a degree doesn’t make him/her a good vet, nor does it mean he/she has your pet’s best interest at heart. We are the voices for our pets, since they can’t express themselves verbally. We know them best, we know the signs when something’s wrong, and they rely on us to help them. There are plenty of good vets out there; take the time to find one.

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