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Monday Mischief – What Daisy Doesn’t Know…..

….won’t hurt US!

Today the mischief-making is on another foot – a black cat.

This cat is a Halloween cat if ever there was one – jet black with glowing yellow eyes.

He’s one of two very large cats (bigger than 15-pound Daisy) that roam our neighborhood freely and cause lots of shrub loss and other problems.

Big Blue must have lulled Daisy into something of a lazy stupor, because she never saw – or even sensed – the BIG black cat you see just outside the door behind her, staring at her. 😀

Had Daisy seen him SO close to her, our door probably would have been history.

This cat used our outdoor mat as a clawing post, then stared inside (probably wondering why he couldn’t get a rise out of Daisy!), then turned, raised his tail and shoved his behind against the screen door…and let loose a stream of spray. Talk about insolence!!

Cat: Hmmm...she's not noticing me....think I'll just find me a good spot to spray. That'll teach her to ignore me!

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FDA Pet Food/Treats Recall Site

An email recently reminded me that there are almost as many pet food recalls as there are human food recalls. That jolted me a bit because unless it’s something hugely newsworthy (like the major Blue Buffalo recall), we don’t generally hear about it.

Treats are just as vulnerable as food, which is something I didn’t realize. I found the FDA website with all the latest pet food/treat recalls, so I thought I’d share that with you here. I’ve bookmarked the site so I can check it every couple of weeks to make sure nothing in our pantry is on the list.

It also tells you what ingredients are banned (I’ve heard  you can occasionally find an old bag of food being sold somewhere with a banned ingredient), why a food was recalled, and more.

Better safe than sorry!


Part Cat? Part Cobra?

What a crazy mix of behaviors Daisy displays! Mixed in with all the puppy-ness are these funny little actions that remind us of cats, cobras, and a couple of other totally unrelated creatures.

One of my nuttier moments....

The Cat in her arches her back like a black cat on Halloween as part of a big post-nap stretch. Her inner cat also loves to chase long, dangling things like fabric belts and loose sneaker strings; she stretches out her front legs, extends her claws and poke-poke-pokes at them. We’re thinking of getting one of those long ribbon cat toys with bells at the ends (she LOVES anything that makes noise) to play occasional games of cat-and-mouse with her!

The Cobra side of her strikes with lightning speed at whatever her intended target is. It’s so fast, you don’t even see it coming, it just happens. We can be holding a toy of hers and she’ll just stare hard at it, then suddenly thrust her head out and strike with those razor teeth, grabbing the toy. This is kind of funny to watch, but it’s not so funny when we’re holding her and she decides to cobra-strike our chins with a little love nip. That requires a scolding.

Then there’s the horse part of her personality. That’s when she’s ultra-excited and suddenly comes bounding so fast across the carpeted floor that she sounds like a charging herd of horses. “Watch out for the thundering herd of puppy!” we call out to warn those in nearby rooms.

And of course, trumping all else, there’s her nuttiness. That silly, nutty little puppy that keeps us laughing from sun-up to sundown and beyond. We call her our little cashew nut because, like cashews, she’s sweet, nutty, and pricey LOL!


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