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The Sticky Note Bandit Strikes Again

A while ago, I wrote about Daisy’s sticky note addiction – for some reason, these things are to her what chocolate is to most of us women….at least the women in our family!

Well, this time the sneaky little thing went after a pack of sticky-note bookmarks right in front of me.

Daisy’s new rule of mischief: Feign interest in someone’s work to distract them from your ultimate goal.

Hmm….this looks like a complex piece, DD….let’s study it more closely…

Now, what’s this note here?

I’ll just move up here so I can see the whole thing better….

I…ahem….need to see this particular page better…. ::cough cough:: [Eye on the prize!]

Just checking to make sure you’re not looking at me….

Zeroing in…..

It’s MINE!!!

Oops….do you think they’ll notice that I flipped it over?

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PS~ Thanks for all your good wishes for DH’s surgery. It went well, but he had far more extensive damage than the doctor thought. He’s home resting, using the ice machine, and tolerating the pain. We appreciated all your messages!


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