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Daisy’s New Hangout

Daisy has a new favorite thing – our furry (faux fur, of course!) blankets. And her favorite place to hang out is wherever that blanket is.

But her ultra favorite is when the blanket is hanging off the sofa and we have open folding tables there (to block her from jumping onto the sofa). She immediately claims whatever small portion of the blanket that’s on the floor as hers, then maneuvers and shifts and rolls to pull it further and further down until she’s claimed it all.

She got it to fall so she was completely wrapped up in it!

She got it to fall so she was completely wrapped up in it!

This is the life...

This is the life…

Have you ever seen such contentment?

Have you ever seen such contentment?

Have a great weekend everyone! And a happy Memorial Day weekend to all our USA friends!


Daisy, the Havachon Nurse

S-l-o-w-l-y but steadily, I can see small improvements in my back and the quality of my days. Little things like being able to move each leg an inch more forward when walking, taking more of a step rather than a shuffle, and slowly (and weirdly) getting myself down onto and up off the floor rather than DH having to lower and lift me up are all good signs of improvement. Where I saw a dark permanent dead end three weeks ago, I’m now seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. 🙂

Daisy is the one member of our little family who is happy that my recovery will take so long. For one thing, she has company all day, every day.

Even better, she has a floor buddy several times a day. Lots of cuddling and snuggling as well as a 109-pound cushion to lie on.

Yep, that roll underneath the blanket is me!

Yep, that roll underneath the blanket is me!

As soon as I get into floor position, she hops on top of me to make sure I’m okay. And this is what I see….

Helloooo, Mommy! Just checking to make sure you're okay!

Helloooo, Mommy! Just checking to make sure you’re okay!

Here, she demonstrates how to keep a floor bed warm for her mommy.

Can we keep this here even after you're all healed?

Can we keep this here even after you’re all healed?

And here’s where she discovered that the doubled-over “pillow” area of the sleeping bag is even cushier than the rest of it. The softer the better for our little girl!

Ooooo, cushy-soft!

Ooooo, cushy-soft! You don’t need this right now, do you?

Thank you all for your good wishes! Your positive thoughts have helped and your messages have kept me company as I live these weeks “off the grid”, so to speak!


Monday Mischief: Daisy Loses Face

Have you ever seen a faceless puppy? Well, apparently we now have one.

This is Daisy’s new favorite snuggle position, especially now that the weather’s getting cooler. She curls up and tucks in every part of herself that she can, including her little face.

Where did that sweet little face go? And how does she breathe in there??

Now she does almost this every single time she snoozes. It’s probably a way for her to stay warmer, but I think it serves a double purpose….she knows she won’t be blinded by the camera flash!

Hehehe….aren’t I the sly one! No camera flashes for me!

If we didn’t know any better, we’d think she was just a big mass of hair mixed in with some blankets!

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Daisy’s Decoy

We have an inner hallway with no natural light except whatever streams out of the bedrooms. On a gray day like this one, the hallway can be a  bit dark.

So there I was walking down this darkened hallway when I saw a dog form lying on its side in the middle of the hallway. Odd place for Daisy to sleep, I thought. She’ll never take the floor when she can have the sofa.

Plus I’d just left her on the sofa in the family room. Hmmmm.

I went up to the form, which stayed peculiarly still, and suddenly realized that Daisy had left her blanket lying there in the shape of a dog lying on its side! Take a look at this (taken in natural dull light so you can see it as I did) – at first glance, wouldn’t you think that was a dog too, judging by its general shape?

Why is there a dog lying in the hallway??

Do you see what I see? Or were my eyes just playing silly tricks on me?? Legs pointing down, head with an ear sticking up toward the top, arched body…..

Odd colors for a dog.....

Finally, when I turned on the light, it revealed itself:

That little dickens set up a decoy! What's she up to?!? LOL

While I’d love to believe she’s so smart that she did it on purpose, I know it was just one of those odd things. But hey, we can always pretend, right? 😉

Have a fun weekend everybody!


Monday Mischief – One Busy, Frizzy Puppy

There’s always one way to know without stepping outside that dry, cool weather has returned – puppy ear frizz.

Daisy loves to play “mummy” – we throw her blanket over her, and she gets herself all wrapped up in it. She even walks around with it completely covering her until she bumps into things….maybe she’s secretly training to go into the Special Forces Night Ops Division? 😉

Shhh, don't tell anyone I'm in training....

Heehee they can't find me hidden in here!

Until she finally emerges with ears twice their size!

Bet you can't guess the adventure I just had! Umm, why are you laughing at me??

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Wordless Wednesday: Snug as….a Havachon in Fleece :)

'Nuf said....

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Wordless Wednesday….With an Explanation….

I hesitated when posting this because of the obvious mess on our sofa. But then I thought, My blog buddies are great, they won’t tell the rest of the world. LOL 😉

I threw caution – and embarrassment – to the wind and decided to share this funny photo with you all….with an explanation.

We don’t usually look like this. No, really.

But we do cover the sofa with a sheet when no one’s coming over to protect the fabric from Daisy’s nails (that big light green thing). On this chilly Saturday, we were lounging around with throws and pillows everywhere. That’s the mess you see.

We had no intention of documenting our mess in pictures until we left the room and came back to find little Miss Daisy on TOP of the sofa, where she’s never tried to go before.

Why would she jump up there, you might ask? Because her favorite fake fur blanket was up there, of course! And we all know how much she LOVES piles of pillows and blankets!

But Mom, how else could I reach my favorite blanket??

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Wordless Wednesday – Daisy’s Tug-O-War

MY blanket!!

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The Perfect Havachon Bed

Earlier this summer, I switched our thick, heavy fall/winter comforter over to a lighter-weight summer bed cover. I’d folded the winter cover over several times and propped it up so DH could help me put it away.

Well, wouldn’t you know that little Daisy would discover this cushy cover and claim it for her own? She stayed on it almost the whole day, not wanting to give up her new-found bed for anything – not even her favorite back yard window!

No matter how many blankets and pillows she’s curled up on, I don’t think anything compared to the softness of this comforter! Thank goodness she doesn’t shed!!

This is the best bed EVER!




Could you please leave this here forever?


Daisy Likes It Messy….

As embarrassing as these photos are, I had to post them because “messy” is Daisy’s favorite state of being.

She just loves it when the pillows are randomly scattered, blankets have been left in disorder all over the sofa, or DD leaves her ultra-soft pink robe there.

But to have all three happen at once is the “Perfect Storm” for this little girl!

All these things make my nap EXTRA soft!

::snuggle snuggle snuggle::

That was gooo-oood!!


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