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Daisy’s Self-Imprisonment

Well this is taking things to a new level, even for Daisy!

Our little pup loves being in small places, especially under our beds.

Like playing hide-and-seek under DD's bed

Playing hide-and-seek under DD’s bed

Or playing you-can't-see-me under my bed

Or playing you-can’t-see-me under my bed, one way…

...or the other.

…or the other.

But one day I discovered that the bed had a few sharp protrusions and I was concerned that Daisy might cut her back while army-crawling under there, so I put some storage bins underneath to block her. Oh yeah, that worked real well…

You can't outsmart me!

You can’t outsmart me!

Apparently the bins brought out the interior designer in her, and she’d shoved them around to make just enough space for herself in one corner at the end of the bed. There are no sharp protrusions there, but I didn’t know if she could make a pathway even farther back.

So I brought out the big guns, my final resort – the dreaded gate. Daisy’s been somewhat afraid of the gate since I took my fall over it; I think the loud sound it made when it hit the floor coupled with the loud scream I made when I hit the floor frightened her.

I placed the gate at the end of the bed to cover the open area she’d made, and it worked…for about three days…

The gate and I have struck a deal...you can't keep me out of here!

The gate and I have struck a deal. You can’t keep me out of here!

I surrender. Daisy can have her corner, even if it means she looks like she’s in prison. 🙂

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The Perfect Havachon Bed

Earlier this summer, I switched our thick, heavy fall/winter comforter over to a lighter-weight summer bed cover. I’d folded the winter cover over several times and propped it up so DH could help me put it away.

Well, wouldn’t you know that little Daisy would discover this cushy cover and claim it for her own? She stayed on it almost the whole day, not wanting to give up her new-found bed for anything – not even her favorite back yard window!

No matter how many blankets and pillows she’s curled up on, I don’t think anything compared to the softness of this comforter! Thank goodness she doesn’t shed!!

This is the best bed EVER!




Could you please leave this here forever?


Daisy’s Creative New Nook

Daisy’s found a little hide-away that’s so cozy and comfortable for her, I may never make my bed again (good excuse, right?).

Daisy has discovered that when the bed’s unmade and the comforter is dragging on the carpet a bit, it creates a soft little nook where she can curl up and be tucked in at the same time. It’s become one of her favorite places when someone’s in the same room!

This is the life! 🙂


Daisy’s Under-Bed Hideaway

When I originally posted about Daisy’s little under-the-bed game of hide-and-seek, I never expected it to become one of her favorite play areas!

Halt! Who goes there?

She especially likes it before the bed in the master bedroom is made, because the comforter is touching the floor; that, coupled with the dust ruffle creates the perfect 2-layer entry-exit shield into her under-bed hideaway.

It’s like Daisy’s own little speakeasy, except no one knows the password to get in. Daisy does her funny little army crawl into her private retreat, making these crazy little grumbling sounds as she shimmies around under there. She dodges a couple of  plastic storage bins (good thing the bed a California king – it gives her plenty of room!) and scratches at their sides in an apparent attempt to either open them up and inspect their contents or rearrange what has become her own personal space – maybe she’s an interior designer at heart!

Just to see what was going on, one day DD went underneath the bottom of the comforter and dust ruffle at the edge of the bed. She brought the camera with her:

HEY! You can't come in here, this is a private Havachon club!



HAHA! You can't find me!


I must say that Daisy is not a good speakeasy hostess! She definitely didn’t like the fact that DD had crashed her little one-dog party. She issued little mini barking complaints, little closed-mouths things that were even funnier than her under-bed antics. Apparently she likes her private space to remain private.

Now that was fun!


Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are! A New Havachon Hiding Place

Well it’s becoming a regular thing these days – we lose Daisy in the house. Now that we know she likes hiding in small places, we’re finding this game pretty hilarious!

Recently we searched and searched for Daisy, and eventually found this:

Heeheehee! You can't see me!

Darn! You found me!

I'm not coming out! I like it in here!


She was under the end of my daughter’s bed, squished between storage tubs and a wood chest that’s at the end of the bed!

We can’t figure out how she maneuvered herself to turn around under there – sometimes I think she’s made of jelly – but somehow she managed it.

She found this entirely cozy and stayed there for quite some time. That was fine with us – there was nothing for her to get in trouble with!

Now we know that whenever we hear that telltale THUMP-THUMPETY-THUMP, Daisy’s crawling her way under the bed for another game of Hide and Go Seek. But of course, we’re always IT! 🙂


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