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That Dirty Dog!

We finally got the go-ahead to give Daisy a bath, and boy, did she need it! Even without long walks, the short outings on rainy days and dewy mornings graced her with a pair of gray knee-high “socks”:

My paws and legs aren't dirty...I'm just wearing gray socks to match my head. It's Puppy Haute Couture, Mommy!

My paws and legs aren’t dirty…I’m just wearing gray socks to match my head. It’s Puppy Haute Couture, Mommy!

Okay, stop staring at my feet.

Okay, stop staring at my feet.

She was a mess – her hair was overgrown and extra curly, her nails were long, her tail was uber-bushy, and her ears desperately need a plucking.

I'm waiting for my manicure... Silver polish on my uber-long nails, please.

I’m waiting for my manicure… Silver polish on my uber-long nails, please.

Much to Daisy’s dismay, she got a double-long bath this week and now the only gray she has are the spots that she was born with. 🙂 Her little legs are sparkling white again!

....i miss my gray socks....

….i miss my gray socks….

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Wordless Wednesday – Do I Hear Bath Water Running?!

Heehee....Bath time, eh? They'll have to find me first!

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The Post Formerly Known As “Rain, Rain Go Away….”

…but I didn’t want to call it that because my blogging buddy Daily Bailey scooped me on the title! LOL! Both of our dogs have the same reaction to rainy days – they get lazy and enjoy a good loll about the house. I guess it’s the Bichon in Daisy, eh Bailey? 😀

Not much outdoor time for Daisy this week. We’ve had rain, rain, and more rain with dark gray cloudy skies and thunder in between. Whatever happened to “April showers bring May flowers”? Seems to me like this year, April showers have just brought more May showers.

So now this:

Has turned into this:

And this:

Has turned into this:

Frankly, I prefer the snow. At least we can take Daisy out to play in it, and it’s so beautiful. (Rain can be beautiful too, but not when it lasts a whole week and floods the yard!)

And then there’s the work involved. When Daisy goes out in the snow, she comes back in and simply gets blow-dried. On rainy days, she has to be bathed – she’s so low to the ground that she comes in with a muddy underside, muddy legs, and muddy paws. Not to mention that wonderful “wet dog smell”…yuck. And I don’t even want to talk about what happens when she inevitably shakes herself off before we can get her into the bath!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAISY! One Year Old Yesterday!

Yes, our little Daisy crossed the milestone birthday yesterday that propelled her from Puppy Daisy to Doggy Daisy. 🙂 Just look at how much she’s grown and changed – although she still LOVES curling up on our feet!

The first photo we took of Daisy when we brought her home. She immediately curled up on my foot!

What a big girl she is now!












We celebrated by having a spa day at home. One of my friends gave Daisy a soft pink hooded bathrobe for Christmas, which almost matches DD’s robe (minus the hood).

So after a nice long walk, Daisy was treated to a lovely warm bath that gave her that sweet flowery scent we love so much. Then we put her little pink robe on her….and immediately started snapping pictures.

You all know how much Daisy hates hoods – they paralyze her with shame. LOL So what else were we to do but take pictures??!!

Not another hood!











What was of the greatest surprise to us was that once we took the hood off, she wore that robe for hours and never once tried to wrestle it off!

Her birthday was a day of cuddles and cookies; so much cuddling and petting that I guess you could put it into the “massage” category just to round out the spa theme. 😉

Today she’s full of energy and mischief. That’s what we get for all that pampering!

Daisy may have officially reached dog-hood, but she’ll always be a puppy to us.


Dog Showers in the Home?!

In researching another topic, I discovered an article about dog showers – actual tiled, open shower stalls that people can have installed in their homes so Fido doesn’t track muddy paw prints across your beautiful thick pile carpet or wood floors.

Bath...shower...I don't care, I hate them all!

It’s a great idea, and for people who have the space for it, it could be a worthwhile addition. These showers are completely open in front and have detachable shower nozzles so everything’s done at ground level – no more bending over the side of the tub!

If it’s installed in a utility room with access to the outdoors, dogs never need to set foot in the main area of the home until they’re completely clean. It’s a great concept!


No Puppy Bath For TWO WEEKS Now…..

Now that the worry has passed about Daisy’s spaying, I have to say that the next worst thing is the fact that we haven’t been allowed to bathe her for two weeks – until her stitches come out on Saturday.

How humiliating! I HATE baths!

Guess what’s happening Saturday afternoon?? LOL

We’ll have that sweet-smelling doggy shampoo ready and waiting when we get home from the vet! We’re SO looking forward to seeing her hair all fluffy and clean again. I just hope he gives us the “all clear” to bathe her right away. If not, you can bet that our Countdown to Bathtime will continue and she’ll be bathed the first minute of the first day it’s allowed!!

The strange thing is that she still feels silky-soft and, unless you put your nose right up against her, she doesn’t have that “doggy smell”. I guess it’s the cooler weather that’s helping – during the summer, we always knew when bath day was approaching because we could smell HER approaching! LOL

Daisy probably thinks she’s really getting away with something since she hasn’t had to tolerate a bath for so long. Boy, is she in for a rude awakening soon! 🙂


Bathtime Challenges

No, Daisy doesn’t mind baths themselves so much….anymore. And I get such a laugh every time out of how this furry puppy turns into a stick figure when she’s wet! I also love holding her afterward, all snuggled up in a towel and oh so warm and toasty. She gets very relaxed and a couple of times, she almost fell asleep in those few minutes. It’s my favorite part of bath time and one of those truly tender life moments.

What she really hates is being blow-dried afterward. I hold her on my lap and DD blow dries her on a low, warm setting. She’s okay with that, but we can only dry her head, back, and one side because she’s so tightly curled up like a furry curly-fry (not a tasty image, I know…).

The one funny thing she does is when we aim the dryer at her head, she snaps at the moving air as if trying to catch it! That part is cute.

After we dry as much as we can that way, we stand her on the counter (while I hold her) with a towel under her to dry her legs and underside, but she tries to run away and starts whining and yapping and it’s impossible to manage. Now that it’s so hot out, we can take her outside for a little while and she dries pretty fast, but what do we do during the cooler seasons?

Does anyone have any suggestions or advice?

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